Patagonia Swiftcurrent Packable Waders

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Patagonia Swiftcurrent Packable Waders 


Designed for backpackers, hot weather and explorers, Patagonia's Packables are the most technically advanced waders they've ever made.  River tested and made for adventure, the Packables roll up into a grande burrito-sized stuffsack and weigh in at just 36 ounces.

It's difficult to explain the feeling of wading a river to someone who has never done it - the unrelenting current, the heart-in-throat mix of fear and excitement, the otherworldly realization that you are hiking in a river.  Wading not only brings us closer to the fish, but it also allows us intimate contact - full immersion - into the rivers we love.  It's freedom.

Patagonia has been making the industry's most forward thinking fly fishing gear since 1987, and the debut of the Swiftcurrent line marks a profound evolution of waders.  They feature the most advanced textiles; the most precise, ergonomic fit; and the most intuitive, fish-forward features Patagonia's ever offered.  And because Patagonia is in business to save our home planet, their commitment to using recycled fabrics - fabrics that surpass their rigorous H2NO Performance Standard for waterproofness and durability - has never been stronger.  The Swiftcurrent waders are constructed from innovative 4-layer fabrics and include at least 70% recycled face fabric while sacrificing nothing in performance.  Engineered by Patagonia, they are the most durable, puncture-resistant and comfortable waterproof/breathable materials they've ever made. Patagonia has used single-seam construction for years to route critical seams away from areas of high wear. But the new, more supple fabrics in the Swiftcurrent line allows for a unique, wraparound "baseball seam", which brings articulation to the legs with a simpler patterning to create a more athletic, natural fit that moves better in and out of the water.

From top to bottom, the Swiftcurrent line represents years of thought, meticulous detail and constant innovation - from truly articulated legs and a gusseted crotch for freedom of movement (as well as less complex taping and reinforcement), to beefier zippers,  minimalist waist mounted suspenders on the packable waders, a new Secure Stretch wading belt with a solid closure that's burly enough to hold a wading staff, bear spray or net, as well as an innovative bootie technology that is seamless. There is now more overlap from booty to leg which allows for less failure and leaking. 

Both the Swiftcurrent waders line and Patagonia's award winning Foot Tractor and River Salt boots are examples of their longstanding commitment to build the best product - product that is functional, durable and reparable throughout its functional life span.  Paired together, Patagonia's new waders and boots provide an unmatched point of contact to our waters that brings anglers one step closer to freedom.

As passionate anglers, we don't take that freedom for granted.  At this critical time for our environment, with climate change impacts being felt across both freshwater and marine fisheries, our commitment to the fish, the water and the home planet has never been more urgent.  It's not a just a choice, it's our responsibility.

The Patagonia Swiftcurrent Packable waders replace the Middle Fork packable waders of old. The Swiftcurrent Packable waders are more robust and have better wading belt loops and wader belt than the Middle Fork wader. These Swiftcurrent Packable waders can be converted into waist-hi waders by adjusting the suspenders.

Come see us at the shop to try on a pair and check out our entire Patagonia fly fishing line. 


- Minimalist, waist-mounted suspenders are adjustable and allow easy conversion from chest to waist height for venting or quick relief without having to remove jacket

- Integrated belt loops keep wading belt at hand for easier on/off; new Secure Stretch wading belt is secure enough for bear spray or other accessories.  The stretch of the belt stretches only in the back area.

- Interior TPU-welded waterproof pocket flips out for easy access to cell phone or key fob

- New seamless, dipped bootie technology is more durable and comfortable than the traditional booties

-Fits into an 8" x 13" stuffsack, weighs just 36 ounces and can be easilty stowed under a car seat, in a backpack, or in a carry-on

- Double taped seams

- Sizing has changed on the new Swiftcurrent Waders. The first measurement is girth, second is length and third is foot size

FABRIC: H2NO Perfomance Standard shell: 4-layer, 4.7 oz. 100% polyester (70% recycled face fabric bonded to 100% recycled polyester backer. Lower: 4-layer, 6.6 oz. 100% recycled polyester microfiber high-density taffeta face fabric bonded to 100% recycled polyester backer, with a waterproof/breathable barrier and a DWR (durable water repellent) finish. Booties: synthetic rubber

If you are not satisfied with your Patagonia wader at the time you recieve it or if they fail prematurely due to construction or materials, Patagonia will repair, replace or issue credit at their discretion.  Damage due to wear and tear, or accidents such as the occasional run-in with thorns or barbed wire will be repaired at a reasonable charge.  Waders can't be replaced free of charge if they've come to the end of their useful life.

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