Winston Boron Air 2 Freshwater Fly Rods

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Winston Boron Air 2 Freshwater Fly Rod

The next generation of versatile, high performance freshwater fly rods from the R.L. Winston Rod Company (3wt-6wt). 
These rods can do anything - present tiny dry flies to wary trout on flat water, cast a heavy streamer to the far bank in the wind, launch the entire line when you need it, and load quickly for accurate close-range shots. Whether you nymph, fish from the boat, wade, the new AIR 2 is up to the task. It’s a pack rod, a travel rod, a beautiful rod, an all-around rod. It’s the new Winston. 

An all new design for a faster, progressive all-around action. All around rods need a broad casting range to cover a range of situations.  These new Boron Air 2 freshwater rods generate higher line speed, have a faster recovery rate and a new, modern quick and smooth action without sacrificing feel and enjoyment. For those days when you can only have one rod, this is the one, they are amazing.

A new Boron configuration for enhanced power. For the first ime in years, Winston has modified the Boron configuration in these Air 2 freshwater rods. The incredible casting range and lifting power in these new rods comes from the new Boron configuration in the butt, they have the power and balance to cast at any distance without sacrificing feel.  This power transfer/interface between this new Air 2 Boron butt section and S-2000 graphite in the top three Air 2 sections is what makes the energy transfer in these new rods amazing.

Introducing S-2000, a new high modulus graphite.  Winston uses S-2000, a new next generation high modulus carbon fiber material with a higher strain rate.  While Winston also uses a new Boron configuration in the butt section, all four sections of the Boron Air 2 freshwater rods use the new S-2000 high modulus graphite.  The new graphite and resin combination provides greater strength per part allowing Winston to reduce the amount of overall material, thereby reducing weight and generatiing a quick, smooth, new modern feel.

Winston's new Custom HSR (High Strain Rate) Resin means less weight and more strength.  In addition to being significantly lighter and more responsive, the HSR Resin formulation provides an even faster recovery rate.  All the Boron rods have perhaps the highest recovery rates among all fly rods.  It is unmistakeable and feels great when you cast it or even shake it in your hand.  Recovery rate is what gives a fly rod that quick, responsive feel as it springs back into place. A fast action isn't enough, a perfect fly rod needs a quick recovery rate.  The new Custom HSR Resin adds to that modern feel, is more durable, provides greater part strength and less weight.

New lighter gauge, lighter weight and smaller profile guides with ECO coating are part of the Air 2 fly rod. In addition to a new all around quick design featuring new carbon fiber material, a new Boron configuration, new custom HSR Resin, Winston is also using entirely new lighter snake guides with ECO slick coating feature a Round Helix geometry that provices reduced line friction and better line shooting for added energy as well as imporved accuracy and distance management. 

Reel seat is nickel silver with figured maple

WEIGHTS: 3 thru 6wt.
GUIDES:Light wire Hard Chrome ECO Slick Coating Shooting Guides.
REEL SEAT: Uplocking Nickel Silver with Burled Wood insert
STORAGE:Premium graphite rod tube with logo rod sock
-A New taper design that provides a faster, progressive all-around action. Extremely light, yet powerful.
-Introducing S
-2000 a next generation high modulus graphite material for faster recovery speed and smoothness.
-New Boron Configuration for enhanced power and energy transfer.
-New Winston
-designed cigar grip for better “feel”through the casting stroke
-The Custom HSR (High Strain Rate) resin provides an even faster recovery rate that adds a modern feel, is more durable, and provides greater part strength and less weight.
-The new light wire shooting Snake Guides have a smaller profile with new ECO slick coating and a Round Helix geometry that reduces line friction and produces added energy, accuracy, and distance management.
-Designed and Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, MT
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