TFO Mangrove Coast Fly Rod

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Temple Fork Outfitters Mangrove Coast Fly Rod

Moderate-Fast Action | Saltwater

For decades, Flip Pallot has shared his knowledge and enthusiasm with countless anglers in the pursuit of some of the most challenging fish on the planet. Now, once more, he is sharing his experience through the Mangrove Coast rod series.

Built with the entry level to intermediate saltwater angler in mind, the Mangrove Coast series utilizes a medium fast action blank to give anglers the ability to step up to the bow and quickly load and unload an accurate presentation to a tailing fish.

When fish start to move out, the Mangrove Coast has enough power in the butt to pick up and reposition the line at distance.

The MC features full wells grips with an instant rod weight burled cork LINE-ID system, fighting butts on all models, and cleverly machined hook keepers built into each side of the aluminum up-locking reel seat. All rods are topped with saltwater safe FUJI Concept-O stripping guides and ultra-lightweight chromium-impregnated stainless-steel snake guides.

Rods are offered in a 6 through 12-weight and are packaged in a labeled rod sock and rod tube.

Model               Length Line Wt.     Action Rod Wt. Handle Pieces

TF 06 90 4 MC 9'0"            6          Mod-Fast    3.8 oz     A            4

TF 07 90 4 MC 9'0"            7          Mod-Fast    3.9 oz     A            4

TF 08 90 4 MC 9'0"            8          Mod-Fast     4 oz     A            4

TF 09 90 4 MC 9'0"            9          Mod-Fast    4.2 oz      B            4

TF 10 90 4 MC 9'0"          10          Mod-Fast    4.3 oz      B      4

TF 11 90 4 MC 9'0"          11          Mod-Fast    4.7 oz     B           4

TF 12 90 4 MC 9'0"          12          Mod-Fast    4.9 oz     B           4

Flip Pallot

"Mangrove sticks were first seen in my mind’s eye from the poling platform of my skiff as I watched anglers struggle with fishing casts…realistic fishing casts within sight fishing distances.

Many saltwater fishing opportunities are fleeting and require timely presentation of fly to fish. It’s not really so much the number of false casts required to close the deal as it is how quickly the angler can begin to feel the fly line and shoot the fly into the area of awareness of a fish.

The rod and the casting abilities of each angler have EVERYTHING to do with this. Super technical, magnum taper rods are not always the right choice for all anglers in real fishing situations. A rod that anglers can feel and that can re-present a fishing cast (especially along shorelines) is what is often needed. This is the genesis of the Mangrove family of TFO rods; they are, very simply, fishing tools that have been developed slowly and carefully in the crucible of real, honest fishing situations…not on a drawing board!

Grab hold of a Mangrove stick by TFO and see just how much trouble you can get into."

– Flip Pallot
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