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Scott Flex Fly Rods


Flex fly rods are built and priced for the working man. The Flex rods generate line speed and tight loops effortlessly, helping you cast accurately and control your presentations. And, their powerful butt sections help with quick, positive hook sets and fish control. 

Isn’t it time your rod did more for you? 

Scott Flex fly rods feature breakthrough technology seamlessly integrated with the finest components and workmanship. All this to make sure your fishing is better.

This design helps the rod come alive in your hands. It’s a superior approach to the slow And that’s just good ol’ science meets engineering meets design. 

Introducing the all new Scott Flex series, rods so light, efficient and forgiving they let you focus on fishing better.

Incorporating many of the technological innovations found in our award winning Radian and Meridian rods, Flex rods combine high performance with top quality components.

Fish better... fish the rod that works harder for you. 

Incorporating many of the innovations found in our award winning Radian and Meridian rods, Flex rods combine high performance with top quality components. And, each Flex rod is handcrafted, start to finish, in our shop in Montrose, Colorado.

Fish better….fish the rod that works hard for you.

Flex Fly Rods incorporate X-CORE TECHNOLOGY

Enhanced feel, incredible stability, and unequalled performance. X-Core combines the industry’s most advanced composite technologies with cutting-edge design.


Fine-tuned flex and recovery.

Flex rods have increased streancht with ARC

Advanced Reinforced Carbon reduces torque and increases strength.


Built from beginning to end in Montrose, Colorado.

4 piece rods
753/4 3 7' 6" A
804/4 4 8' 0" A
854/4 4 8' 6" A
904/4 4 9' 0" A
855/4 5 8' 6" A
905/4 5 9' 0" A
906/4        6          9' 0"            A
907/4        7          9' 0"            B
908/4        8          9' 0"            B
955/4        5          9' 6"            B
956/4        6          9' 6"            B

1004/4      4          10' 0"           A
1005/4      5          10' 0"           A
1006/4      6          10' 0"           B
1007/4      7          10' 0"           B
1008/4      8          10' 0"           B
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No Regrets

Review by Phil on 5/24/2020

I bought the 9'6" 6wt for a stillwater and big river rod for trout. I bought it online without casting, but I read as many online reviews as I could find. They seem to be accurate (excellent mid price rod, tight loops, difficult to punch into the wind -but that's likely my ability, not the rod's). I've had it out a several times in a couple weeks, and seem to have found it's rhythm. It casts beautifully. It is sleek. It has handled 15" browns and landlocked salmon with ease. It casts teams of flies on long leaders well. When buying this rod, I was choosing between it and a Sage Pulse. Though I have not fished the Pulse, I do not regret this purchase one bit.

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