Redington Claymore Fly Rod

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Whether you’re in the pursuit of wild steelhead or just enjoy swinging soft hackles on your local trout stream, the CLAYMORE Two-Handed Rod was designed to handle the needs of any battlefield. This fast action rod family is built using a smooth yet powerful blank, making for intuitive touch-and-go style casts when fishing classic style patterns early season as well as turning over the heaviest of sink tips during the colder months of winter. Offered in everything from a lightweight 2wt Trout Spey to 13 ½ foot 8wt Spey, the CLAYMORE rod family will cover any run you might find yourself in. With features that include a down locking reel seat for improved balanced and Polymer Pinch Grips for increased line control, the CLAYMORE makes casting a two-hander more enjoyable and less like you’re swinging a medieval weapon around. So go ahead, grab on with two hands and enjoy a day swinging your favorite run.  FAST ACTION.

  • Premium grade cork handles
  • Polymer Pinch Grip sections on top and bottom handles for increased line control
  • Anodized aluminum down locking reel seat for improved balance
  • Section tips epoxy coated to prevent sticking
  • Spey, Switch and Trout Spey rod models.  The Spey rods come with Handle B
  • Fully protective cordura rod tube with dividers
  • Lifetime warranty
LineLengthWeight (oz)Handle
2 11'0" 3.6 A
3 11'3" 4 A
4 11'6" 4.4 A
5 12'3" 4.9 B
6 11'6" 5.1 A
6 11'6" 5.1 A
6 12'6" 6.2 B
6 12'6" 6.2 B
7 11'6" 5.3 A
7 12'6" 6.3 B
7 13'6" 6.8 B
8 11'6" 5.5 A
8 12'6" 6.6 B
8 13'6" 7.4 B
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