Echo Trout X Fly Rods

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Echo Trout X Fly Rods

The Freshwater Echo Trout X Fly Rods work just as well with dry flies as they do with streamers.  The Echo Trout X Fly Rod helps you present to all those picky trout out there. Few, if any, fish are more diverse in their environments or food preferences than trout.  So we designed a rod that can "change it up" as well as the fish they pursue.  From dry fly presentation to streamer fishing, the new TROUT X series will get it done with it's light tip and refined bottom-end power. Introducing Echo's new "variable sweet spot" (VSS) technology. Designed with the experienced caster in mind, the Trout X is designed to load and cast to and from the widest range of distances of any rod they have ever designed!

  • Unique reel seat and slider ring
  • Handle shape to accommodate
    different grip styles
  • Each rod model has a unique action
    to suit its typical style of use

There are few fish with a more diverse menu of preferred foods or living environments than trout. Sometimes, they require lightly presenting speck-sized midges. At other times, you may find yourself tossing heavily weighted leeches on sinking lines. Designing a single rod series optimized for every trout situation just isn’t going to happen. We can, however, make a rod well-suited to casting flies and lines of various sizes and densities in that “sweet spot” distance of 30-50 feet.

To protect light tippets, we produced a fast action design with an ultra-sensitive tip section in the lighter weights. To help carry heavier sinking lines and meatier flies, the 6wt’s tip section has been strengthened to carry the load and lift more line when needed. Unlike our other series of rods, each size ECHO Trout X model has a unique action suited to that rod’s typical application. All models are light in the hand to minimize fatigue and increase casting efficiency.

The unique handle shape allows the angler to use the thumb on top grip, the finger on top, or extended finger grip. We chose an anodized aluminum reel seat to lessen the effort needed to maintain your gear and threw in a blue sliding hood that matches the thread wraps. They feature a semi-gloss finish to decrease “line stick” and are all four piece to make it easier to travel. Each includes a fabric- covered hard case.

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