Echo Streamer X Fly Rods

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Echo Streamer X Fly Rods

Following a blueprint given to us by streamer innovator Kelly Galloup, we have developed the next generation of performance streamer rods.

These new rods are designed to hit a coffee cup at 50 feet with a fly bigger than the cup. Every inch of these rods has been reverse-engineered to quickly load and deliver a fly with a minimum number of false casts. With its fast tip and powerful bottom section, they are uniquely tapered to deliver heavy payloads.

With Kelly’s custom handle shape, powerful bottom section and fast loading top section, this rod is build top to bottom for big flies and accuracy.  If current conditions call for smaller flies, it will continue to surprise you with its versatility!

  • Four piece travel design
  • Action:  Fast
  • Tube:  Fabric-covered rod case & sock
  • Guides: Oversized stripping guides
  • Grips:  Kelly Galloup custom grip
  • Reel Seat:  Anodized aluminum

Fishing for big trout using streamers is evolving at unparelled pace. One of the people pushing the envelope of equipment and technique is Kelly Galloup. Building flies that look more at home in the ocean that a trout river Kelly has developed specific equipment to fish larger bulky flies efficiently. He wanted a rod that can quickly deliver a cast to a target the size of a coffee cup using a big fly and sinking line. Rods that can get the job done are ones with powerful bottom sections mated to faster tip actions to help initiate the cast with a minimum of false casts. Since it is all but impossible to pick up and recast a 50-foot shot with a fast sinking lines the new StreamerX rods have been optimized to easily pick up a short line with a bulky fly and in a few false cases hit a small target. 

To accomplish the task Kelly asked for a rod with lighter tip. Knowing that lower swing weight helps casting efficiency we chose to use the most advanced material we could find and paired that with nickel titanium snake guides to help improve casting efficiency. Less wiggles in the line help accuracy and a lighter tip help impart more movement in the fly when stripping it in. This new streamer rod will help everyone who uses it to fish more efficiently and do so with less fatigue.

StreamerX rods are all 9’ long and come in a 6, 7, and 8 weight. They have all titanium guides and Kelly’s favorite handle shape. They come with a hard case and are 4 pieces to travel well.

STR690 9'0" 6 4 KG 4.1 oz Fast
STR790 9'0" 7 4 KG 4.3 oz Fast
STR890 9'0" 8 4 kG 4.5 oz Fast
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