Echo Musky Fly Rods

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Shop Echo Musky Fly Rods from the Platte River Fly Shop for free shipping and reviews on the Echo Musky Fly Rod and other Echo rods and gear.

Echo Musky Fly Rods
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Shop Echo Musky Fly Rods from the Platte River Fly Shop for free shipping and reviews on the Echo Musky Fly Rod and other Echo rods and gear.

Echo Musky Fly Rods

We teamed up with some of the Midwest’s most obsessed musky anglers to develop a series of rods to do it all:  Close to the water, high gunnels, figure eight, full sinking, intermediate tip, 1000 casts, stupid big flies… You get the idea.

  • Four piece travel design
  • Action:  Fast
  • Tube:  Fabric-covered rod case & sock
  • Guides: Oversized stripping guides
  • Grips:  Extended top grip, and bottom grip for figure 8
  • Reel Seat:  Anodized aluminum

People who fish for Musky are rare breed. In an attempt to crack the code, they tie and fish ever larger flies in hopes of getting a grab. When you are asked to cast all day with a fly the size of a feather boa, a rods casting performance becomes critical. Every aspect of the ECHO MUSKY rod has been reverse engineered to launch stupid big flies with the fewest number of false casts and do so all day without breaking your arm. The rod is designed to effectively fish the fly all the way to the boat and when needed, figure eight without overloading the tip.

Musky fly anglers need to be able to efficiently cast a long way and retrieve the fly all the way to the boat with minimal effort.  This means a good rod is one that helps extend line with the fewest number of casts. We figure you might have a big fish grab when the fly is a few feet from the boat and designed the tip of the rod to be as tough as possible. It took hundreds of hours of time on the water to get the perfect blend of power and action to make a rod that performs well for casters of all skill levels. Lesser experienced casters will want to use a little heavier line to load the rod and allow the rod to contribute more speed to the cast while experienced casters or those with a more aggressive cast will want to use a slightly lighter line to improve loop shape and get more distance. 

There are two ECHO MUSKY rod models both of which are designed to throw 400 to 500 grains. The shorter rod is 8’8” and excels and accuracy casting and is designed to fish when you are closer to the water surface. If you are fishing from a boat that is higher off the water you will want to consider using the longer 9’4” model. Both rods are four-piece design and have an integrated fighting grip and extended rear grip to help figure eight and fight big fish. The rods come with oversized stripper guides to help knots and tangles make it through the guides and have low maintenence full barrel anodized up-locking reel seat. We added some metal flake to the gloss Muskellunge colored blank for some added bling without making the rod look flashy. They come with a rod sock and case to keep the rod safe when you are on the go. 


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