Echo Boost Blue Fly Rods

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Echo Boost Blue Fly Rods

Achieve maximum line speed with minimal effort. The culmination of Tim’s relentless tweaking, the BOOST is built for anglers with a more aggressive casting stroke and offers the ultimate balance of power and precision. Perfect for folks that can’t live without that modern, fast action that many challenging fishing situations demand. Available in both fresh and saltwater models.

  • Four piece travel design
  • Graphite:  Lightweight, high-modulus
  • Action:  Fast and crisp
  • Tube:  Fabric-covered square rod case & sock
  • Guides: Full-titanium guides on all saltwater models
  • Reel Seat:  Wood insert seat for standard models, black anodized seat on saltwater (S) models
  • Warranty:  Echo Lifetime Warranty

There are several factors that allow an angler to succeed in the world of saltwater fly fishing or when fishing their favorite river or lake with big flies or sinking lines. Those factors are; number 1 - initiating a cast with very little line out the rod tip, number 2 - generating high line speed, and number 3 - the ability to form a nice tight loop. To generate more line speed and make a tight loop rod designers have been adding extra stiffness to the bottom half of a rod. The bummer about using a super stiff rod is the problem of starting a cast when you only have a short amount of line out. This can be super important when fishing the flats or after you have stripped a streamer all the way in and want to quickly get the fly back to the target. To help people form a loop with less line out the rod, we typically design our stiffer more powerful rods with a faster action using a more flexible tip. 30 years ago people were not used to stiff fast action rods, but I think todays casters tend to use a more condensed aggressive casting stroke and benefit from rods like our new powerful fast action BOOST BLUE rods.

To hit our target performance window, we use a blend of materials to make the BOOST BLUE rods light and strong. They build on the foundation of our original BOOST SALT rods, a popular series of rods for the past 5 years. We improved the overall consistency and performance of the original rods by fine tuning the action and power so if you like a BOOST BLUE 8 weight you will like all the other rods in the family. 

The BOOST BLUE rods are loaded with features found in more expensive rods like solid titanium frame stripper guides and a narrow band full wells grip mated to a low maintenance anodized reel seat. They are all 4 piece 9 foot rods that are available in line sizes 6 through 12. They are coated in deep blue pearl paint with matching thread and come with a rod sock and matching rod tube. When you are looking for high performance at a stupid low price check out the ECHO BOOST BLUE.

BST-690S 9'0" 6 4 C 3.9 oz Fast
BST-790S 9'0" 7 4 C 4.1 oz Fast
BST-890S 9'0" 8 4 C 4.2 oz Fast
BST-990S 9'0" 9 4 C 4.4 oz Fast
BST-1090S 9'0" 10 4 C 5.3 oz Fast
BST-1190S 9'0" 11 4 C 5.6 oz Fast
BST-1290S 9'0" 12 4 C 6.1 oz Fast
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