Tibor Fly Reels: Signature Fly Reel Series (Fly Line Included)

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Tibor Signature Fly Reel Series consists of very few parts. It features a completely ventilated spool and frame that keeps the reel cool during long smoking runs and provides a robust incoming and outgoing clicker sound. Our unique mechanical clutch system allows easy change from left to right hand retrieve and features Tibor's QuickChange™ spool system which involves only a single moving part. The frame is also designed to accommodate one of our popular gamefish engravings or a custom image.

The Tibor Signature Fly Reel Series break-through sealed drag system is waterproof, self-maintaining and features the smoothest and strongest drag in the industry. The drag system constantly applies seal pressure while in free spool so the reel will never overrun while stripping line and is also equipped with our legendary silky smooth micro grain cork which is constantly lubricated. On the rare occasion that maintenance is necessary, the system can be easily disassembled, yet still remain under warranty–unlike many other sealed-drag reels on the market.

Proudly made in the USA and warranteed for life, Tibor Reels' new Signature Series delivers the same tough standards that have earned Tibor over 700 world records–more than any other fly reel. Contact your dealer or visit tiborreel.com today to find out more.

Tibor Signature Fly Reel Features

• SpeedHandle™ Spool option available.

• Each reel is serialized for identification and protection.
• Features a personalized name plate engraved free.
• Limited lifetime warranty.
• Standard colors are Jet Black and Satin Gold and Royal Blue. Also available in all custom colors.
• Comes with an extra thick neoprene case for convenient storage and transportation.
- Our Delrin Handle offers positive gripping and quick release. The Signature 11-12S (1.25") & Signature 11-12 (1.45") comes standard with our Gorilla Handle. 

Even large arbor fly reels have trouble keeping up with hard-charging species like Tuna, Tarpon and Bonefish. After a deep dive or a long run, they’ll turn and come racing back towards you. Suddenly, you can’t take up line fast enough; you can’t stay tight to the fish. And when the tension goes, so goes your chance of landing that trophy

Tibor Signature Fly Reel Series

Average rating 8 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

IMO Tibor Signature needs redesign

Review by Michael on 4/2/2016

Be aware this reel does not have a closed spool design. This means that the running line and backing can and will escape the spool and become tangled on the reel foot. Also when fighting steelhead (27-30") the drag was not particularly smooth and would "whine" and feel choppy. When I asked Tibor about this the only response was "we know about the issue" and "you should get the Billy Pate reel it has a closed spool design"... Huh???

Tibor Signature

Review by bluvstofish on 1/12/2011

The initial outting for this was a bonefish trip in the Bahamas. The drag on this is amazingly smooth -- have nothing but great things to say about the new reel. Alas, need to wait 5 months before trying it on local stripers and blues.

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