Loop Classic Reel Fly Line Included

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Loop Classic Fly Reel

Loop Classic fly reel is equipped with ventilated sideplates in the new 2011 version. Beneath the stunning looks of the new Classic fly reel is the ultra-modern Power Matrix Drag System. This monstrous braking system will subdue the strongest of fish in the harshest conditions. The completely waterproof drag system benefits from a pronounced ‘click’ that signals “fish on” through your ears into your every vein.

The Classic is completely corrosion resistant and benefits from a new ergonomic handle design with integrated leader retainer on the counterbalance. Available in either left or right-hand wind, each reel is individually numbered and presented in a handcrafted leather case. With its old world ‘classic’ looks and ultra-modern braking power, you will get the best of both worlds. We call it tradition with an attitude.

Please note: Model 46 does not have the Power matrix drag system. It comes with a very light and smooth adjustable click and drag which functions in both directions. This function is designed only to prevent spool overrun.



  • Housing and spool machined from one piece aircraft aluminium.
  • Waterproof and salt tolerant.
  • Components in stainless steel and anodised aluminium.
  • All screws secured with Loc-Tite.
  • Mechanized components from leading European manufacturers.
  • Power Matrix Drag System.
  • Easy-grip progressive brake knob.
  • Precisely counterbalanced.
46 CR4-6 WF5 + 130/20 3.27″ 1.97″ 7.97 oz
58 CR5-8 WF7 + 250/20 3.54″ 1.97″ 8.47 oz
79 CR7-9 WF9F + 250/20 3.74″ 2.36″ 11.92 oz
811 CR8-11 WF10F + 220/30 3.94″ 2.56″ 12.63 oz
1013 CR10-13 WF12F + 350/30 4.13″ 2.56″ 13.58 oz


Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Loop classic 46

Review by Jon on 7/30/2021

If you have the funds, pick it up. Quality, design, and performance is outstanding. Never had a better reel.

Loop 46 Fly Reel

Review by Steven on 5/8/2019

This is an absolutely awesome fly reel! It's build like a tank and will last several lifetimes. It looks stunning on bamboo rods, but while a bit heavier than the modern aluminum counterparts, it balances nicely during casting. The line included with the reel is a high quality Scientific Anglers Mastery line in the weight of your choice. If you've got a few extra bucks to invest in a fine reel, this is the one!

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