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Simms Pro Dry Gore-Tex Fishing Jacket

The Fall 2020 Simms ProDry Jacket takes on a slightly different styling than the ProDry's of old.  This newer model boasts a 3-layer Gore-Tex Pro Shell of 80D 100% nylon with a durable water repellent finish and a 100% nylon tricot backer in the upper sleeves, shoulders and hood.  These are the prime areas where the rain is going to hit you the most.  The body and under sleeves are a 3-layer Gore-Tex Pro Shell of 70D 100% nylon with a durable water repellent finish and a 100% nylon tricot back as well.

This tournament performance mainstay now offers greater durability with increased denier face fabric, while maintaining a lightweight feel with a new modern, sleek look.  The hood is built with high speeds and driving rain in mind and features single point adjustability. Wind and water can pass through drain holes at the base of the back collar.  The brim is bonded to the hood, a rain-gasket liner is built in and a high-collar comes standard for extreme weather protection. This bomber hood also neatly tucks away in collar when not in use. 

The Simms ProDry Jacket has an exposed center-front zipper backed with a waterproof storm flap.  Also provided on this ProDry Jacket are water-tight exposed dual chest pockets and interior zippered stretch-woven pocket for essentials.  Zippered handwarmer pockets have an adjustable waist cinch which is located inside the pocket.

Articulated sleeves with safety reflective hits and shingled, no-catch watertight cuffs are a very nice upgrade that is sure to be appreciated. A cinchable hem line comes with kill switch D-ring for use when running to the honey hole.

Simms ProDry Jacket and Bibs

The Simms ProDry Gore-tex Jacket Features:

  • 100% waterproof & windproof featuring state-of-the-art GORE-TEX® Pro Shell fabric technology for superior bass tournament performance
  • Extreme Wet Weather rated – up to 22” of rainfall per hour and Guaranteed to Keep You Dry®
  • Stretch fabric in shoulders & elbows for exceptional flexibility & comfort
  • 2 low-profile large capacity chest pockets & 2 zippered microfleece-lined hand warmer pockets with built-in heat pack pockets
  • 3-point cinch, stowable storm hood, watertight adjustable cuffs, adjustable waist and full length waterproof center-front zipper
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Simms ProDry Gore-Tex Jacket Size Chart

Men's SizesChest*Neck*Sleeve*
S 36" - 38" 14.5" - 15" 33" - 34"
M 39" - 41" 15.5" - 16" 34" - 35"
L 42" - 45" 16.5" - 17" 35" - 36"
XL 46" - 48" 17.5" - 18" 36" - 37"
XXL 49" - 51" 18.5" - 19" 37" - 38"

Simms Gore-Tex Technology Video:

About Simms ProDry Jacket Gore-Tex Material  

Gore-Tex is a waterproof, breathable fabric membrane and registered trademark of W. L. Gore and Associates. Invented in 1969, Gore-Tex is able to repel liquid water while allowing water vapor to pass through, and is designed to be a lightweight, waterproof fabric for all-weather guide use.


In 1966, John W. Cropper of New Zealand developed and constructed a machine for producing stretched polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) tape. Rather than file for a patent, however, Cropper chose to keep the process of creating expanded PTFE as a closely held trade secret and required his producer and its employees to sign confidentiality agreements.

Gore-Tex was co-invented by Wilbert L. Gore and Gore's son, Robert W. Gore. In 1969, Bob Gore stretched heated rods of PTFE and created expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE). His discovery of the right conditions for stretching PTFE was a happy accident, born partly of frustration. Instead of slowly stretching the heated material, he applied a sudden, accelerating yank. The solid PTFE unexpectedly stretched about 800%, forming a microporous structure that was about 70% air. It was introduced to the public under the trademark Gore-Tex. Bob Gore promptly applied for and obtained patents.

In the 1970s Garlock, Inc. allegedly infringed Gore's patents and was sued by Gore in the Federal District Court of Ohio. The District Court held Gore's patents to be invalid after a "bitterly contested case" that "involved over two years of discovery, five weeks of trial, the testimony of 35 witnesses (19 live, 16 by deposition), and over 300 exhibits" (quoting the Federal Circuit). On appeal, however, the Federal Circuit disagreed in the famous case of Gore v. Garlock, reversing the lower court's decision on the ground, as well as others, that Cropper forfeited any superior claim to the invention by virtue of having concealed the process for making ePTFE from the public, thereby establishing Gore as the legal inventor.

Gore-Tex is used in products manufactured by Simms ProDry Jackets, Patagonia, L.L. Bean, Oakley, Inc., Galvin Green, Marmot, Vasque, Arc'teryx and The North Face.

Since the expiration of the main Gore-Tex patent, several other products have come to market with similar characteristics that use similar technology.As a cheaper alternative to the more expensive membranes, there are also waterproof/breathable coatings which are less durable.


PTFE is made using an emulsion polymerization process that utilizes the carcinogenic fluorosurfactant PFOA, a persistent environmental contaminant. In 2013, Gore eliminated the use of PFOAs in the manufacture of its weatherproof functional fabrics.

Schematic of a composite Gore-Texfabric for outdoor clothing.


Gore-Tex materials are typically based on thermo-mechanically expanded PTFE and other fluoropolymer products. They are used in a wide variety of applications such as high-performance fabrics, medical implants, filter media, insulation for wires and cables, gaskets, and sealants. However, the ProDry Gore-Tex fabric is best known for its use in protective, yet breathable, rainwear.

The simplest sort of g3 guide wader wear is a two layer sandwich. The outer layer is typically nylon or polyester and provides strength. The inner one is polyurethane (abbreviated: PU), and provides water resistance, at the cost of breathability.

Early Gore-Tex fabric replaced the inner layer of PU with a thin, porous fluoropolymer membrane (Teflon) coating that is bonded to a fabric. This membrane had about 9 billion pores per square inch (around 1.4 billion pores per square centimeter). Each pore is approximately 1/20,000 the size of a water droplet, making it impenetrable to liquid water while still allowing the more autonomous water vapour molecules to pass through.

Effect of water repellent on a shell layer Gore-Tex jacket (Haglöfs Heli II).

Both wear and cleaning will reduce the performance of Gore-Tex clothes by wearing away the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment on the surface of the wader fabric. The DWR prevents the face g3 guide wader fabric from becoming wet and thus reducing breathability. However, the DWR is not responsible for the jacket being waterproof. This is a common misconception, so when the face fabric becomes soaked due to an absence of DWR, there is no breathability and the wearer's sweat will cause condensation to form inside the jacket. This may give the appearance that a jacket is leaking when it is not. The DWR can be reinvigorated by tumble drying the garment or ironing on a low setting.

Gore requires that all Simms ProDry Jacket is made from their material have taping over the seams, to eliminate leaks. Gore's sister product, Windstopper, is similar to Gore-Tex in being windproof and breathable, but has ability to stretch and is not waterproof. The Gore naming system does not imply specific technology or material but instead specific set of performance characteristics.

Other uses

Gore-Tex Medical Devices Sample Kit, Chemical Heritage Foundation

Gore-Tex is also used internally in medical applications, because it is nearly inert inside the body. In addition, the porosity of Gore-Tex permits the body’s own tissue to grow through the material, integrating grafted material into the circulation system. Gore-Tex is used in a wide variety of medical applications, including sutures, vascular grafts, heart patches, and synthetic knee ligaments, which have saved thousands of lives.

Gore-Tex has been used for many years in the conservation of illuminated manuscripts.

Explosive sensors have been printed on Gore-Tex clothing leading to the sensitive voltammetric detection of nitroaromatic compounds.

The "Gore-Tex" brand name was formerly used for industrial and medical products.

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Tried and True Product at and AMAZING Price!

Review by Mason on 4/5/2021

Purchased this as a replacement for the exact same jacket and am not disappointed. It is a great quality piece, but this price is absolutely unbeatable. I'm very glad I found WY fly fishing and will definitely be ordering from them in the future!

Best rain jacket

Review by Nikolai on 3/1/2021

Simms ProDry Jacket the best jacket I've ever had! She's not afraid of rain and sleet! I always stay dry and no more! Wife says thank you:)

Excellent jacket

Review by Alexander on 11/9/2020

Best ever fishing jacket. I used it for three years. 100 % waterproof.

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