Simms Women's Freestone Z Fishing Waders

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The Simms Women's fishing Freestone Z Wader is a ladies wader produced by Simms with reliability, comfort and breahability you can count on for those long days on the river - free shipping including Simms reviews on Freestone and and women's wading gear.

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Shop Simms new Women's Freestone Z stocking foot wader, free shipping including Simms reviews on Freestone and and women's wading gear.

Simms Women's Freestone Z Stockingfoot Wader

The Simms Women's Freestone Z Wader is a ladies wader produced by Simms with reliability, comfort and breathability you can count on for those long days on the river. The Platte River Fly Shop sells these waders with free shipping and no sales tax outside of Wyoming. Simms develops all its women’s waders with help from the world’s best female guides. Enter the new Freestone Z Stockingfoots, where articulated patterning is in cahoots with center leg seams prioritize fit for appreciated fishing comfort. The Toray  QuadraLam™ perimeter breathes easy, repels water, and bushwhacks with conviction. The "Z" feature of these Freestone Z waders is the highly durable, waterproof side T-Zip zipper on the left side of the chest for ease of on and off.  These Freestone Z waders conveniently convert from chest- to waist-high level thanks to reversible suspender buckles. The suspenders have removable straps. Fleece-lined reach-through pockets keep hands nimble through nuclear weather and amplify storage options. And, finally, exercise your right to accessorize via an internal zipper interface that synchs with the Tippet Tender™ Pocket or Waterproof Wader Pouch (both sold separately). Simms’ best warranty in wading comes standard.  
The Simms Women's Freestone Z Wader is identical to the Simms Women's G3 Guide Z Wader other than the fabric difference.


  • Simms’ proven Women’s wader fit developed with feedback from the best female guides in the world
  • Articlulated patterning combined with center leg seam cosntruction offer the ultimate in fit and comfort
  • Reach-through handwarmer pocket is fleece lined for comfort, and offers secure storage for gear
  • Reversible suspender buckles offer an easy conversion to a waist high wader
  • Internal zipper interface for attaching the Tippet Tender™ Pocket or Waterproof Wader Pouch (both sold separately)
  • Imported
FABRIC TECH: 4-Layer Toray® QuadraLam™ Technology

S SHORT** 4-6 35" 27" 37" 37" 28" - 29" 6 - 7
S 4-6 35" 27" 37" 37" 31" - 32" 6 - 7
M 8-10 37" 29" 39" 39" 31" - 32" 8 - 9
M SHORT 8-10 37" 29" 39" 39" 28" - 29" 8 - 9
M FULL 8-10 38" 30" 40" 40" 31" - 32" 8 - 9
M TALL** 8-10 37" 29" 39" 39" 33" - 34" 8 - 9
L 12-14 39" 31" 41" 41" 31" - 32" 9 - 10
L SHORT 12 - 14 39" 31" 41" 41" 28" - 29" 9 - 10
L TALL** 12 - 14 39" 31" 41" 41" 33" - 34" 9 - 10
XL 16 - 18 43" 35" 45" 45" 31" - 32" 9 - 10
XXL 20 47" 39" 49" 49" 31" - 32" 9 - 10

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THE BEST WARRANTY IN THE WADER BUSINESS We stand behind our waders for the useful life of the product. This will vary based on use and the style of wader. For instance, professional guides will use their waders as work-wear every day and will likely wear out their waders faster than a casual angler who might sh 20 days per year. The Simms warranty does not cover damages caused by improper care, accidents, or the natural breakdown of materials over extended use and time. Waders that fail due to workmanship or material defect can be replaced or repaired. All defective or damaged products should be returned to Simms for evaluation and will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Simms. 30 DAY EXCHANGE – NO QUESTIONS ASKED If a wader leaks within 30 days of purchase please replace them over the counter and we will send a replacement for your inventory. In order to obtain a pair of replacement waders from Simms, the Dealer must obtain a Return Authorization number using the Simms Online Repair Center making sure to note it is a 30-day exchange. Return shipping to Dealer will be covered by Simms. Please note that proof of original purchase is required. WARRANTY – FIRST YEAR REPAIRS IS ON SIMMS After 30 days, if your customer develops a leak in any Simms waders for whatever reason, the rst repair is on us. Please get a Return Authorization number via the Simms Online Repair Center and return the waders to us with proof of original purchase. We will x the waders at no charge and keep you and your customer apprised of the status of the wader via email. BEYOND THE FIRST YEAR REPAIR If a wader is in need of repair after the rst year or rst repair, the chart below outlines Simms repair fees. To initiate a repair, please use the Simms Online Repair Center and return the waders to Simms. The dealer will receive e-mail updates throughout the process and will be asked to approve any repair charges associated with the repair. REPAIR CHARGE SUMMARY NO CHARGE REPAIR STANDARD REPAIR $40 + SHIPPING ADVANCED REPAIR $65 + SHIPPING Wader is within 1 year of purchase & has not been sent in before ✔ Wader is beyond 1 year of purchase & all issues found are manufacturing issues ✔ Wader is beyond 1 year of purchase & exhibits minor wear & tear ✔ Wader is beyond 1 year of purchase & exhibits moderate to heavy wear & tear ✔ ONLINE REPAIR CENTER RETURN PROCESS If you need to return Simms waders or any Simms product for repair or warranty please follow these steps: 1. Go to www.simms 2. Go to “Contact” 3. Click on “Repairs & Warranty” and follow instructions Once Simms has evaluated the product and established a price for repair, you will be noti ed to approve any repair and fees associated with the product. Once you have contacted the customer and they have approved or declined the repair charges, please contact Simms by email or phone to approve pricing and con rm payment. When repairs are approved, Simms will bill your account and ship the item back to the shop’s physical address. Accounts with terms should not use a credit card to approve repair charges. Items sent through authorized Simms Dealers will be processed using the dealer’s account. SHIPPING REQUIREMENTS Please ensure the items being returned are clean and dry. Simms will return ALL dirty, wet, or soiled items. Shipping to Simms is the responsibility of the Dealer, unless the item is new, unworn, and deemed defective or contains a manufacturing defect. Please contact Simms to obtain a shipping label. INTERNATIONAL RETURNS All requests for product exchanges, warranty claims, or repairs, whether purchased in the U.S. or outside of the U.S. through an international dealer/distributor, must be processed through the authorized Simms Dealer where the product was originally purchased. QUESTIONS If you have questions regarding the warranty and repair process, please contact the Simms Wader Repair Center: 1-800-217-4667 / repairs@simms Hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm (Mountain Standard Time)


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