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Simms BugStopper Intruder Bicomp Shirt

The Simms BugStopper Intruder Bicomp is a long-sleeve fishing shirt by Simms that is constructed with 100 percent polyester fabric with InsectShield Technology that will keep bugs and insects away from you during your next fly-fishing excursion. The InsectShield treatment on Bugstopper garments is plant based so you can feel good about not soaking yourself in chemical sprays.  Bugs of all kinds can land on the garment but will not bite (say bye bye to tick and mosquito bites).  The InsectShield treatment is good for 70 washes.

This Simms BugStopper Long-Sleeve Intruder Bimomp Shirt is quick drying, wicking and contains UPF30 sun-blocking protection to help protect your skin against harmful sun rays while you are wearing this feature-rich fishing shirt by Simms.

The Simms BugStopper Intruder Bicomp Shirt has two zip-secure, fly box compatible chest pockets where you can safely store your fly boxes while you are wearing this long sleeve fishing shirt. This LS Shirt also comes with knit sides and sleve panels for added comfort and sunglass chamois inside the bottom hem of this fishing shirt.


•  Long lasting insect protection
•  Quick-drying, wicking, anti-odor & UPF30
•  Two zip-secure, fly box compatible chest pockets
•  Low profile plasitc snaps at front placket
- Knit sides and sleeve panels for added comfort
•  Sunglass chamois inside bottom hem


• Body & Upper Sleeve fabric-100%polyester,77gsm

• Back Body:Side underarm fabric- 100%polyester,124gsm

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