Simms Gore-Tex ExStream Foldover Mitt

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Simms Gore-Tex ExStream Foldover Mitt
Simms' new for 2020 Gore-Tex ExStream Foldover Mitt is windproof, lightweight and won't suck up water. The Gore-Tex Simms ExStream Foldover Mitt comes with a gasket cuff to keep it synched to your wrist. These gloves are perfect for wet weather fishing yet still provide excellent dexterity.  The Gore-Tex shell is 2L 70D with a DWR (durable water repellent) coating, while the overmitt is a 1.5mm fleece lined neoprene (oh so welcoming on cold, windy fishing days). The interior glove and gasket cuff are also Gore-Tex Infinium windproof stretch fleece.
These all new super lightweight Simms ExStream Foldover Mitts can fold up inside to tuck away and be out of your way, the thumb tucks up out of the way too.  Another amazing feature of these windproof gloves is that they won't suck up water when you're trying to land your fish.  Needless to say, the Gore-Tex Simms ExStream Foldover Mitts are something you're going to want on your next coldweather fishing trip.

- Windproof

- Gore-tex shell

- Foldover mitt and thumb

- Gasket cuff

FABRIC TECH: Shell: Gore-tex 2L 70D with DWR; Overmitt: 1.5mm fleece lined neoprene; Interior glove and gasket cuff: Gore-Tex Infinium windproof stretch fleece

Simms Gore-Tex ExStream Foldover Mitt


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