Simms Tributary Wading Fishing Boot With Felt Sole

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Shop Simms new Tributary felt sole wading fishing boot with free shipping including Simms reviews on Tributary, wading gear and boots.

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Shop Simms new Tributary felt sole wading fishing boot with free shipping including Simms reviews on Tributary, wading gear and boots.

Simms Tributary Fly-Fishing Boot with Felt

The Simms Tributary Fly-Fishing Boot is a Simms felt sole fly-fishing boot that is extremely durable, heavy-duty, and comes with really great foot and ankle support and traction and is designed with waterproof synthetic leather and scratch rubber upper for all-around durability and also comes lined with neoprene for multipurpose hiking and wading comfort which is great.

The Simms Tributary Fly-Fishing Boot is designed with a felt sole that is built from the bottom up to overcome specific obstacles on a variety of terrains and boast innovative compounds and technical sole patterns, specifically developed to meet the challenges of several different environments and applications, so make sure to check out this Simms Tributary Fly Fishing Boot that is very innovative, durable, comfortable to wear and also really looks great.  The Tributary Boots are a very affordable fishing boot and they pair nicely with the Simms Tributary Wader.  The Tributary boots come in a wide range of sizes to accomodate any man, woman or child. When put together the Simms Tributary boots and waders make for an excellent starter wading set.

A classic, great-fitting felt wading boot with all the rugged features that have a proven record of durability and traction in rocky rivers around the world.

  • Rugged synthetic leather and mesh with scratch rubber overlays in high abuse areas
  • Bomber, corrosion-resistant lacing hardware
  • Fully-gusseted tongue helps prevent debris from getting inside
  • Full neoprene lining for durability and ease of on and off
  • 12mm Synthetic Felt Outsole
  • Whole sizes only

Simms Tributary Wading Boot Size Chart:

Simms Wading
Boot Size
5** 4 37 3 22
6** 5 38 4 23
7 6 39 5 24
8 7 40 6 25
9 8 41 7 26
10 9 42 8 27
11 10 43 9 28
12 11 44 10 29
13 12 45 11 30
14 13 46 12 31
15** 14 47 13 32
16** 15 48 14 33

About Tributaries

According to Merriam-Webster a tributary was originally a person or state that owed tribute to a more powerful person or state. Ancient China, for instance, had dozens of tributary states, and the emperor would receive elephants from Siam or young girls from Korea as tribute. Just as a smaller power gave some of its wealth to a larger power, a small river contributes its waters to a larger one. A tributary can be a tiny stream, but some are immense rivers. The Missouri River, for example, could be called a tributary to the Mississippi, even though it's about 2,500 miles long and receives hundreds of tributaries itself.


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