Simms G3 Guide Vest

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Simms G3 Guide Fly Fishing Vest

The Simms G3 Guide Fly-Fishing Vest is a fly-fishing vest that is one of the most popular fly-fishing vests on the market today as well as one of the most top selling fly-fishing vests of all time. The G3 Guide Vest has 24 functionally placed pockets that maintain everything from flies and fly boxes to split-shot, licenses, cell phones, spools, leaders, and more for extra easy access while you’re fly-fishing at your favorite fly-fishing destinations.

This Simms G3 Guide Fly-Fishing Vest has a total of 24 pockets that include 2 large zippered pockets on the fly-fishing vest front chest, 2 vertical weather-tight chest pockets, 2 cargo chest pockets, 4 waist pockets, 4 large horizontal zippered waist pockets, 4 interior pockets, 2 large interior horizontal zippered pockets, 2 large interior vertical zippered pockets, 1 weather-tight split back pocket and 1 bellowed back cargo pocket, making this fly-fishing vest contain more than enough room to store all of your fly-fishing gear for a great day out on the river.

This fly-fishing vest has a center front YKK zipper and buckle closure and 2 patented built-in retractor clips, 1 net-carry and 2 tool attachment D-rings. This fly-fishing also is designed with cushioned, stretch mesh shoulders and padded rib knit collar.

The Simms G3 Guide Fly-Fishing Vest is constructed with 100 percent Cordura nylon ripstop fabric with Teflon water resistant finish and a 100 percent polyester lining, all of which are specifically designed to minimize corrosion and have abrasion resistance. This fly-fishing vest is also extremely durable and well respected with fly-fisherman for its great functionality and because of the amount of storage capacity and technological brilliance.


24 Pockets: 2 large zippered chest pockets, 2 vertical weather-tight chest pockets, 2 cargo chest pockets, 4 waist pockets, 4 large, horizontal zippered waist pockets, 4 interior pockets, 2 large, interior horizontal zippered pockets, 2 large, interior vertical zippered pockets, 1 weather-tight, split-back pocket, 1 bellowed back cargo pocket

Cushioned, stretch mesh shoulders with padded rib knit collar

Center-front YKK zipper and buckle closure

2 patented built-in retractor clips, 1 net-carry and 2 tool attachment D-rings

Third-hand rod holder with Velcro chest tab and reel seat sling

Super durable Cordura nylon ripstop fabric with Teflon® water repellent finish

Available in sizes S-XXL 

We believe the Simms G3 Guide Vest has more pockets than you could ever use!

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 9 reviews )

Simms G3 Guide Vest

Review by Mike on 2/27/2021

I recently purchased this vest. It arrived quickly. I've tried various brands of waist pouches, etc, but haven't found anything that was to my liking and comfort. I was impressed with the layout and placement of all the pockets, zippers and storage. The vest is made for serious fishing and carrying of fly boxes and accessories. I wore it fishing last week for the first time and it was very comfortable. The only thing was I had to remember which pocket I placed all my flies and accessories in!!! I like the fact it rides high enough that it doesn't get into the water. This was a well thought out vest and Simms really knows how to do it. Highly recommended.

I Expected Quality, Got Excellence!

Review by Brian on 6/8/2018

I thought this would be a quality product and I was right! All of the pockets are easy to access and the vest is durable and light weight. Very comfortable to wear loaded up, and I love the thermolaminated pockets for storing fly boxes! Great rod holder with strong Velcro to hold rod while your tying a fly on. Also there are 2 options to keep the vest closed- 1) There is a zipper in the front to keep you locked in when fully loaded. 2) There’s a small magnetic closure in the front which keeps the front of the vest open, yet secure, for those warmer days! Not much to complain about. The only small thing I wish was improved are the zingers. They seem a little stiff and I wish they could stretch a little longer. Maybe with time and more use it will stretch easier. That is a very minor complaint on my part and should not affect your decision to buy this awesome vest! One plus with the zingers though, is the magnetic docking stations that keep your nippers/hemostats stationary. Top notch!

The product I wanted to buy

Review by KYUNGTAEK on 4/30/2018

Preparing for the season, I bought simms g3 guide vest. When I heard that simms g3 guide vest is the best, I just bought it without any problem. It was a product that showed signs of care in more detail than I expected. It is of a higher quality than expected, and quite satisfied. The most amazing built-in retractor. I never thought there would be two retractors inside the vest. Very satisfied. All but the outside is made of mesh. I think I can use it in summer. According to the product description, it has as many as 22 pockets. Now it will come in handy when the real season begins. I recommend this product.

Good product! $$$$

Review by ERIC on 4/12/2018

Simms definitely covered everything when it comes to this vest. Plenty of pockets for all your goods and sewing/ zippers are made to last.

Great Vest

Review by Dennis on 4/6/2017

Although it's a little pricey this vest is worth every penny. I've taken it out a few times and it's a significant upgrade from my old Columbia vest. More pockets than anyone could need but it's still really slim and more comfortable than any other vest I've tried on. My one concern is that the built in retractors are a little shorter and stiffer than your typical pin on zip retractors, and the end attachment might snap eventually, but they're worked great so far. Wyoming Fly Fishing was great as well, product was packaged perfectly and shipping was super fast with email tracking notifications. Would definitely buy from them again.

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