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Simms Flyweight Large Pod

The compression-molded Flyweight Large Pod conveniently docks with Flyweight carry systems or serves as a stand alone hip pack for housing an arsenal of fly boxes, tippet spools, tools and more.

The Flyweight Large Pod provides angler driven storage options and tool attachments. When the pod is open you will find pockets for split shot and indicators as well as a place to connect hemos and retractors.  The flip down work station is made of compression molded foam. TPU coated snap straps and webbing attach this Large Pod to the Tech Utility Belt and other 5.11 HEXGRID products; such as the Flyweight waders and Backpacks.

The Simms Flyweight Large Pod, the Simms Flyweight Bottle Holster and the Simms Flyweight Tech Utility Belt can all be bought separately; but with the Simms Flyweight Hip Hybrid System you get all three for a much better price.  So check out the Flyweight Large Pod and Hip Hybrid System at the Platte River Fly Shop for your next fishing excursion.

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