Fishpond Firehole Backpack

The rugged Fishpond Firehole Backpack has plenty of support, breathability and an abundance of water storage. The Fishpond Firehole Backpack includes an exterior boot and wader pouch for wet gear, integrated net holders, and specialty attachments for your existing Fishpond Chest Pack.


Fishpond Ridgeline Backpack

Fishpond Ridgeline Backpack is lightweight, compact, and feature-rich. The Fishpond Ridgeline Backpack has PLENTY of storage options and a large top side opening to easily to get to your gear.


Fishpond Ridgeline Tech Pack

Fishpond Ridgeline Tech Pack offers both a vest-style front and a backpack with plenty of storage to keep you fishing all day. The Fishpond Ridgeline Tech Pack has PLENTY of storage options inside and outside.


Fishpond Summit Sling 2.0

Fishpond Summit Sling 2.0 is comfortable and durable with big compartments and external attachments. The Fishpond Summit Sling 2.0 is made with recycled fishing net nylon material and you can wear this pack knowing you are making a difference in keeping our planet healthy.


Fishpond San Juan Vertical Chest Pack

A classic from Fishpond the San Juan Vertical is for the minimalist that needs chest pack basics allowing for light travel. The San Juan Vertical will make you feel comfortable you’ve still got everything you need in a chest pack.


Fishpond Switchback Belt System 2.0

Fishpond Switchback Belt System 2.0 includes a 2L pack, a wader belt with a net slot and a shoulder strap with tool attachment.  The all new Fishpond Switchback Belt System 2.0 elevates the standard for modularity.