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AirFlo Fly LInse including Ridge, Sixth Sense, 40+, Spey and Tropical. AirFlo Fly Lines have been developed to be PVC free.
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AirFlo Ridge Fly Lines
AirFlo Ridge Fly Lines provides significantly better performance in cold weather--without sacrificing standard weather performance. The AirFlo Ridge Fly Lines throw tighter loops and smoother casts in all conditions. In conjunction with the Ridge Lines legendary longevity.
AirFlo Sixth Sense Fly Lines
AirFlo Sixth Sense Fly Lines offer moother casting performance, positive hook sets. The AirFlo Sixth Sense Fly Line re incredible for roll casting, and are Airflo's primary family of stillwater flylines.
Airflo 40+ Fly Lines
Airflo 40+ Fly Lines is the answer to the distance dilemma. The Airflo 40+ fly lines makes it easy for anyone to cast far.
AirFlo Saltwater Fly Lines
AirFlo Saltwater Fly Lines brings its Power Core and Ridge technology to the tropics, and we're proud to say that we've officially created the grail of all Tropical Lines. The new Ridge Tropical Saltwater lines are supple, withstand the heat, and deliver large flies in the wind like nobody's business.
Airflo depth finder fly lines
Since the introduction of the integrated head people have accepted the idea that a fast sinking line can be extremely effective and easy to use. Airflo created the Depth Finder lines to take care of all the conditions an integrated head would be used.
AirFlo Spey Fly Lines
Airflo spey lines eveloped by Tim Rajeff and Dec Hogan. The Airflo Spey Lines continued to provide innovative solutions to new trends in the market. Whether you're interested in Skagit, Scandinavian, or traditional style casting.
Airflo Running Lines
Airflo Running Lines offer a wide selection that excel in all fishing situations. The Airflo Running Lines - from surface to subsurface, tropical to ultra cold water, they'll have you covered.
Airflo Super Dri Fly Lines
Airflow Super Dri Fly Lines repels water, dirt, and scum better than any material in the history of fly lines. The Airflow Super Dri Fly Lines eliminate friction and optimize line floatation.


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Airflo Chard Tropical Punch Fly Line
Airflo Chard Tropical Punch Fly Line
Price: $89.00
AirFlo Bass/Muskie Fly Line
AirFlo Bass/Muskie Fly Line
Price: $89.00
Airflo Ridge Clear Tip Tropical Short Fly Line
Airflo Ridge Clear Tropical Short Fly Li
Price: $89.00