RIO Fluoroflex Plus Tippet

RIO Fluoroflex Plus Tippet is the tippet of choice of the guides at Wyoming Fly Fishing. RIO Fluoroflex Plus Tippet is ultra strong, supple and is 100% fluorocarbon with the highest knot tensile strength of any fluorocarbon on the market.


RIO Powerflex Tippet

RIO Powerflex Tippet is made from high tenacity copolymers and has excellent knot strength. RIO Powerflex Tippet is ideal for trout while fishing with nymphs, dry flies and smaller streamers.


RIO Big Nasty Tippet

RIO Big Nasty Tippet is designed to cast large, heavy or air resistant flies. RIO Big Nasty tippet is ideal in windy conditions or when casting heavier streamers, hoppers and other terrestrials.