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Miracle Mile fishing report below is a free service provided by our shop guides and customers. The Miracle Mile report will be updated as often as needed and we will always change the reports if any sudden changes should occur. However please understand that sudden storms can often change conditions overnight before we can change the report. We welcome any Miracle Mile fishing reports that you would like to provide.

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Date 9-2-16
Flows 500 CFS / Click here for current flow chart
Clarity Clear
Fishing Conditions Good
Hatches Tricos, Caddis, BWO's, Midges / CLICK HERE FOR HATCH CHART
Flies Tricos, Caddis , Midges, Rock Worms, Scuds, Hot Head Leeches, Red san juan worms and rusty scuds.

7-20-16 Flows at the Mile are back down to fishing early morning and late evening.
6-24-16 Flows reduced down to 3800cfs....golden stones starting to move around
5-24-16 Flows at the Mile are now at 6000 cfs....leeches, annelids, san jaun worms, golden stone nymphs, baetis and midges best patterns.
5-11-16 Flows bumped up to 4000 cfs..... fish the edges and side channels for best results
5-1-16 Spring flows at the mile now at 2200 cfs. The BWO's have started so have an assortement of your favorite baetis patterns in 18-20. Red annelids, leeches, scuds and midges also working well.
4-11-16 The Mile is gin clear right now and fishing is good to excellent. Leeches, san juan worms, egg patterns and midges seem to work the best. Please be mindfull of the spawning fish and let them be....thanks.

3-11-16 Other than windy conditions, so far this spring we've been some good reports back from the Mirale Mile.

11-4-15 This will be our last report for the Mile heading into winter. Brown activity has really picked up this last week with a lot of Bucks being brought to the net. The Hens won't be far behind coming up out of Pathfinder. Use egg patterns, color streamers to hunt for them. Typical midges, scuds, annelids, leeches and streamers will also pick up both Browns and Rainbows througout the winter.

10-19-15 Fishing the Mile has improved the last couple of weeks with good repors of mainly Rainbows and not many fall browns yet. The browns should be moving up out of Pathfinder soon for their annual spawn up in the Mile.


9-27-15 The Mile remains spotty....good one day and off the next. Depends on who you talk to. Caddis and BWO's are the main hatchs.


8-28-15 The Miracle Mile has been spotty.....awesome one day and scratching your head the next. But those fishing Trico's in the morning and Caddis in the afternoons have doing the best. Streamer action should pick up soon now that things are starting to cool down.


7-7-2015 The Golden Stone Fly hatch is in full swing at the Mile...... fish rubber legged stone fly nymphs along the bottom or try skittering some large dries along the surface to entice the fish to come up.


6-22-15 With drier weather and roads getting some good reports from the Mile.


5-28-15 Not a lot of reports from the Mile due to the wet weather and crappy road conditions. Some reports of good fishing for those that made it out there. Flows have increased to 2500 cfs due to snow pack run off. So look more towards the banks, inside corners and side channels to find feeding fish.


4-23-15 Conditions at the Mile have been good to excellent. Water clarity has been really good with a good hatch of Blue Wing Olives. Egg patterns and San Juan worms have been working along with a little streamer activity.


4-5-15 Flows now up to 1500 cfs will start to push fish torwards the edges. Eggs, red san juan worms, baeitis and streamers working.


3-19-14 Starting to hear some good reports from the Miracle Mile. Nymphing with San Juans, egg patterns, red annelids, midges, scuds and dead drifting some larger streamers.


NOAA provides river flow data and forecasts



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