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Miracle Mile fishing report below is a free service provided by our shop guides and customers. The Miracle Mile report will be updated as often as needed and we will always change the reports if any sudden changes should occur. However please understand that sudden storms can often change conditions overnight before we can change the report. We welcome any Miracle Mile fishing reports that you would like to provide.

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2000 CFS / Click here for current flow chart
Midges, Rock Worms, Glo Bugs, Annelids, Scuds, Hot Head Leeches, Red san juan worms and rusty scuds.
4-14-18 Spring is finally showing in Wyoming! The Miracle Mile has fished good when the wind, weather and road conditions have allowed it. The Blue Wings should be showing up this week so plan on having those patterns along with red annelids, glo bugs, leeches and scuds. And oh, don't forget streamers, it's hit and miss but when it's on, it's on! Flows have been bumped to make room for spring at 2500 cfs.

3-5-18 We've had a cold, windy and snowy Jan/Feb so not many folks going to the Miracle Mile, but with warmer weather on the way that will change. Still reports of a few remaining browns hanging out but most have dropped back down into the lake. The rainbows will now be making there way up the Miracle Mile. Egg patterns still most productive pattern along with leeches, scuds and midges.

grey reef fishing report from mark boname on Vimeo.

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11-16-17 Reports of the Browns showing up at the Miracle Mile in good numbers now, but you have to find the right kind of water they are holding in. So if you catch the area thoroughly.

11-7-17 All the main hatches are over for the year on the Miracle Mile other than Midges. Concentrate on midges, scuds, annelids, leeches and colorful patterns like glo bugs and streamers while looking for Browns for the next couple months.

9-5-17 Flows are now at 700cfs and dropping back to the average 500cfs for the winter.

6-29-17 Flows are steadily dropping at the Mile. Start trying patterns like Caddis and Golden Stone Nymphs as those hatchs will pick up over next couple of weeks.

6-3-17 Flows now back up for this to increase with the now hotter weather and snowmelt runoff. However high flows on the Mile will create some nice side channels where the fish will hold during higher flows.

4-19-17 The BWO hatch as started.

4-15-17 Flows now at 3200 cfs

 4/3/17 The Mile is steadily improving with warmer temps. Rainbows are now in the spawning stage so please be careful where you wade. We expect very high water this spring at the Mile but don't let that scare you as it pushes this into the side channels and edges.

December 1st North Platte River Fly Fishing Report from mark boname on Vimeo.

7-20-16 Flows at the Miracle Mile are back down to fishing early morning and late evening.
6-24-16 Miracle Mile Flows reduced down to 3800cfs....golden stones starting to move around
5-24-16 Flows at the Miracle Mile are now at 6000 cfs....leeches, annelids, san jaun worms, golden stone nymphs, baetis and midges best patterns.
5-11-16 Flows bumped up to 4000 cfs..... fish the edges and side channels for best results
5-1-16 Spring flows at the mile now at 2200 cfs. The BWO's have started so have an assortement of your favorite baetis patterns in 18-20. Red annelids, leeches, scuds and midges also working well.
4-11-16 The Mile is gin clear right now and fishing is good to excellent. Leeches, san juan worms, egg patterns and midges seem to work the best. Please be mindfull of the spawning fish and let them be....thanks.

3-11-16 Other than windy conditions, so far this spring we've been some good reports back from the Mirale Mile.



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