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Grey Reef Fishing Report Provided By North Platte River Fly Shop

Grey Reef fishing reports and video reports on the North Platte River is a free service provided by our Casper, Wyoming based fly shop fishing guides and customers. These Grey Reef fishing reports will be updated as often as needed and we will always change the report if any sudden changes should occur. However please understand that sudden storms can often change conditions overnight in and around Grey Reef before we can change the report. We welcome any fishing reports that you would like to provide on Grey Reef by giving the fly shop a call or email. 

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 Grey Reef Fishing Reports

  • Grey Reef Conditions: Clarity is good

Grey Reef - Hot Flies

PMD's, Yellow Sally Nymphs, Caddis Nymphs, Midges, Scuds, Red rock worms (annelids), San Juan worms, Hot Head Leeches, Squirrel Leeches, Halo midges. Swinging and dead drifting both the Brown Bite Me Buggers and Vanilla Buggers.  


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6/18/18 Platte River / Grey Reef / Miracle Mile Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide Report
Gray Reef 
Right now we are seeing flows drop and clear from a high of 2,500 cfs (cubic feet per second) in late May. Thanks to flushing flows this spring, the trout had lots of clean gravel for spawning, and we are still seeing a few fish on the beds, doing their thing. Leave them be and go find the feeders! 
Currently the Reef is at 1,700 cfs, water temperatures are approaching perfect, and the river looks awesome! As things warm, the fish will start to take advantage of the great structure the Reef section has to offer. It's beyond fun to target these feeders as they hold behind shelves and in the riffles and skinny tail-outs. They'll slam your fly and have your reel singing so fast your guide won't even have time to yell "set it!" Give them the reigns on that initial charge, then dance them back to the net like it's prom night! 
Casper to Glenrock 
Our guides have this section dialed to the max and it's one of our favorites for targeting big summertime browns and rainbows. It's a great option for escaping the crowds, taking in some new scenery, and getting your flies in front of fat, unpressured fish. Some early summer thunderstorms, coupled with inflows of irrigation water, have lately colored up the water a bit 
through and below town, but don't let this fool you. If you talk to our guides, they'll tell you that a little color can actually put the trout in "annihilation" mode. Limited visibility makes trout feel safe from predators, and it makes them more impulsive feeders because they have less time to decide whether to eat your fly. In short, they are going to inhale your offering if it looks right.

4-24-18 Grey Reef Video Fishing Report

Grey Reef Fishing Report from mark boname on Vimeo.

4-14-18 We think spring has finally sprung in Wyoming, but that does not mean not to come prepared for any kind of weather. Grey Reef has been on fire now for several weeks and we expect the BWO hatch to really pick up starting this week. However the main ticket has been red annelids and glo bugs along with some streamer activity. The flows have been bumped to a 1000 cfs but watch that as it may increase if they decide they need to make room for spring runoff.

Grey Reef Fishing Report 3-26-18 from mark boname on Vimeo.

3-12-18 Flushing flows started last night thru the 21st

2/27/18 - Flush Announced!!

The 2018 Grey Reef flush will begin on March 12th and run through the 21st! The fishing has already been amazing this year and this will only make it better! 

Watch your wading during the flush but it can make for some amazing fishing! Historically you can get away with serving these fish a bigger meal. The river will jump from 500 cfs to 4000 cfs everyday at midnight then return back to 500 cfs in the morning. This water fluctuation with wash in and kick up a lot of food. Try a big San Juan Worm instead of a Rock Worm. Also fish leaches and crayfish patterns. Don't Be afraid to strip a big nasty streamer as well!!

2/17/18 - Sunset Photo tonight with Mark Boname Photogrpahy - we are advising no travel to fish for next couple days as snow storm with wind Sun - Mon.

north platte river grey reef
12-29-17 Just a friendly reminder that your fishing license expires at the end of the year and it's time buy a new one for 2018! 

grey reef fishing report from mark boname on Vimeo.

11-7-17 Our major hatches are done for the year until spring. Winter midge hatchs typically occur between 11am-3pm. Midges, annelids, scuds, leeches will now become the best patterns for winter.

9-5-17 Looks like flows are starting to drop......wade fishing should really pick up.

8-9-17 Grey Reef Fishing Report

grey reef fishing report from mark boname on Vimeo.

5-31-17 Gray Reef Fishing Report

North Platte River Guide Fishing Report from mark boname on Vimeo.

4-24-17 Grey Reef Guide Fishing Report

North Platte River Fly Fishing Report from mark boname on Vimeo.

4-19-17 The Blue Wind Olive hatch is on, time to switch from midge patterns to our Split Foam Backs and RS2's. You also should carry a few size 18 parachute adams along with you as well for dry fly fishing.

4-6-17 Flows are now at 2000cfs

3/21/17 Gray Reef guide video report

North Platte River Fly Fishing Report from mark boname on Vimeo.

2-27-17 Flushing Flow Schedule

North Platte River flushing flow to run for 10 days                      

CASPER – The Wyoming Game and Fish Department cautions sportsmen to be aware of sizeable increases in water flows in the North Platte River for 10 days beginning March 6 as part of a flushing flow project. Game and Fish has requested the flushing flow in order to maintain fish spawning habitats and to increase production of invertebrates that fish depend on for food. The Bureau of Reclamation will begin releasing additional water from Gray Reef Reservoir in the early morning hours beginning Monday, March 6. Flows will increase from approximately 500 cubic feet per second (cfs) to 4,000 cfs and will then gradually decrease back to 500 cfs each day, with the maximum flow occurring between 3-7 a.m.   Flows from Gray Reef Dam will return to 500 cfs at 10 a.m. each day.  The schedule will be repeated through March 15. The flows below Gray Reef Dam will then be stabilized at approximately 500 cfs following completion of the ten day cycle.  This schedule may be modified due to river ice. “Data show these flows are important to trout spawning and to the numbers of trout in the river,” said Matt Hahn, fisheries supervisor for the Casper region. In the past, the trout population had fallen to less than 400 trout per mile, even with stocking. Annual flushing flows began in 1995, and now the trout population averages over 3,500 per mile and annual stocking has been eliminated upstream of Casper.    The Game and Fish Department advises sportsmen and recreationists to be aware of the potential dangers related to flushing flows. Because the flush will span the weekend, there is potential for more people to be wading or floating the river. Those using the river during the flushing flow should consider the fluctuating water levels and be aware that areas that can be waded effectively at 500 cfs may not be safe at 4,000 cfs Flushing flows are normally scheduled for completion in March to maximize benefits for spawning rainbow trout. 

2-13-17 Grey Reef is free of ice and is floatable in a boat. Still some self ice along banks in some areas.

Last Update til Spring - Winter flies Midges, Rock Worms, Annelids, Scuds, Glo Bugs, Leeches - Have a great winter!

Special Christmas North Platte River Fly Fishing Report from mark boname on Vimeo.

December 1st North Platte River Fly Fishing Report from mark boname on Vimeo.

Road at Lusby Public Access Area to close for 24 hours due to construction 

CASPER - The Wyoming Game and Fish Department will complete construction on Dec. 1 and Dec. 2 to improve the access road to the Lusby Public Access Area, which is southwest of Casper along the North Platte River.  This construction will require the road be closed for 24 hours while the magnesium chloride is sprayed on the road base.  To insure the magnesium chloride treatment is successful, the road will be closed from 12:00 pm Dec. 1 until 12:00pm December 2, weather dependent. 

“We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause anglers.  The upgrade is an investment for the benefit of the sporting public and a 24 hour closure to traffic will insure the success of this investment.  If everyone can have patience with us, the road should be a great improvement on its current condition,” says Matt Pollock, Casper Region habitat and access supervisor for Game and Fish. 

Game and Fish received Wallop-Breaux funds to complete the construction.  For more information please contact the Game and Fish Casper Regional Office at (307) 473-3405.

Last Update til Spring - Winter flies Midges, Rock Worms, Annelids, Scuds, Glo Bugs, Leeches - Have a great winter!

10-26-17 River is closed to fishing from Morad Park to Wyo. Blvd Bridge in Mills due to heavy equipemnt in the river.

9-7-16 Grey Reef guide video report

September 7th Grey Reef Fly Fishing Report from mark boname on Vimeo.

7-30-16 Gray Reef fishing video report with Wyoming Fly Fishing guides.

July 30th Grey Reef Fly Fishing Report from mark boname on Vimeo.

6-27-16 Grey Reef fishing report with Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide Service

June 27th Grey Reef Fly Fishing Report from mark boname on Vimeo.

6-24-16 Flows reduced back down to 5000cfs

6-21-16 PMD's and Yellow Sallies along with red annelids, san juans and leeches are producing the best results.

5-31-16 Grey Reef Guide Video Fishing Report

May 31, 2016 North Platte River Fishing Report from mark boname on Vimeo.

5-24-16 Water levels in Grey Reef section continue to rise and now at 4000 cfs. Clarity good from Grey Reef to Lusby. Leeches, san juan worms, annelids, baetis and midges best flies.

5-11-16 Bureau of Reclamation is updating their operational plan for the system and they expect above average flows in the North Platte River in the Mile and below Gray Reef this season.  Average summer flow is 2,200 - 3,000 cfs and current estimates suggest higher.  Actual flows will depend on the amount of additional precipitation and air temperatures that will control the amount and timing of runoff. Flow will be increased to 4,000 cfs in the Mile today and to 3,000 cfs below Gray Reef over the next week. 

5-2-16 Flows being raised to spring levels this week 100 to 200 cfs per night.

4-25-16 Grey Reef Fishing Report by the Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides

April 25th North Platte River Fishing Report from mark boname on Vimeo.

4-14-16 Grey Reef Fishing Report Video

4-5-16 North Platte River Guide Fishing Report for Grey Reef, Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon

3-16-16 Grey Reef Guide Round Table fishing report

Grey Reef Fishing Report from mark boname on Vimeo.





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