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Grey Reef Fishing Report Provided By North Platte River Fly Shop

Grey Reef fishing reports on the North Platte River is a free service provided by our Casper, Wyoming based fly shop fishing guides and customers. These Grey Reef fishing reports will be updated as often as needed and we will always change the report if any sudden changes should occur. However please understand that sudden storms can often change conditions overnight in and around Grey Reef before we can change the report. We welcome any fishing reports that you would like to provide on Grey Reef by giving the fly shop a call or email.

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 Grey Reef Fishing Reports

  • Grey Reef Conditions: clear

Grey Reef - Hot Flies

Midges, Scuds, Red rock worms (annelids), San Juan worms, Hot Head Leeches, Squirrel Leeches, Halo midges. Swinging and dead drifting both the Brown Bite Me Buggers and Vanilla Buggers.  


NOAA provides river flow data and forecasts  

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Grey Reef Guide Fishing Report

11-4-15 This will be the last comment until spring as conditions will not change much over the winter. We will keep everyone updated on ice jams if they occur. It's been a hell of a summer on the Reef, the hatchs have wound down with a few remaining spurts of BWO's. As we head into winter the basic flies will be midges, scuds, annelids, leeches and streamers. Thanks to all of you that stop by the shop our used our guide services. We really appreciate your business. Check out all of Holiday and closeout specials or even fill out a wishlist on our website and pass it on to your friends and family.


10-19-15 A few cold fronts have come thru the last couple weeks bringing high winds, but other than that the fall fishing on Grey Reef has been stellar. The weeds are slowly clearing out of the upper section and it should be back to it's winter fishing conditions soon. The weeds are not bad from Government Bridge down and streamers along with caddis, BWO's and some dries on certain days has been the ticket. We expect to see a few remaining hatches of BWO's over the next couple of weeks as we go into November before the main hatches end and we switch back to midge fishing for the winter.


9-27-15 Weather was hot and sunny this weekend on the Reef but fishing still remains good. Caddis nymphs were the hot fly. Midges and purple san juan worms also worked well. Still some small hatches of tricos in the morning. With all the blue bird days we just had, watch for a huge BWO hatch on the next cloudy day (maybe monday).



9-9-2015 Grey Reef Fishing Reports 


9-3-15 Grey Reef Guides fishing report on the North Platte River

9-3-15 Grey Reef flows dropping back to winter flows. Now at 1100cfs. This will make the dry fly fishing become red hot. Trico's will continue next couple of weeks fading into the fall BWO hatch along with Psuedo's. Streamer fishing also continues to pick up on a weekly basis.

8-28-15 North Platte River Guides Fishing Report on Grey Reef and Central Wyoming

8-21-15 North Platte Guide Service round table Grey Reef fishing report

8-7-2015 Grey Reef Guide Video Fishing Report


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