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Grey Reef Fishing Reports Provided By North Platte River Fly Shop

Grey Reef fishing reports on the North Platte River is a free service provided by our Casper, Wyoming based fly shop fishing guides and customers. These Grey Reef fishing reports will be updated as often as needed and we will always change the report if any sudden changes should occur. However please understand that sudden storms can often change conditions overnight in and around Grey Reef before we can change the report. We welcome any fishing reports that you would like to provide on Gray Reef by giviing the fly shop a call or email.


 Gray Reef Fishing Reports

  • Grey Reef Conditions: Green cloudy color to clear throughout

Hot Flies
Trioco's, Red rock worms (annelids), San Juan worms, Hot Head Leeches, Squirrel Leeches, Rocky Mountain Caddis and midges. Swinging and dead drifting both the Brown Bite Me Buggers and Vanilla Buggers. Hot head leech or pine squirrel leech with san juan worm trailer also working well. For Dries try Trico Spinners, Parachute Adams, Caddis

Comments / Grey Reef Guide Reports

9-15-14 Upper sections still cloudy from reservoirs turning over. However clarity improves as you go down river. Still plenty of fish being caught... caddis, red rock worm, leeches, san jaun worm, prince nymphs, caddis emergers. On cloudy windless days you will find BWO's hatching. These hatches not provide great dry fly fishing, but also pull the fish over to the banks so try streamers as well.

North Platte River Video Report

Sorry it's been awhiles since the last update, I was away on vacation. Anyhow in talking with the guides fishing still continues to be good. Great Trico hatches in the morning's then switching over to caddis patterns in the afternoons. I think there must be some weeds plugging up the bureau of rec flow gauge so not sure what the current flows are. Will update as soon as we find out.

7-31-14 Grey Reef fly fishing guide video report

Flows have dropped back to 2000 cfs, not sure if they will keep dropping but we will keep an eye on it. Fishing great with Tricos early morning followed by caddis, pmd's and yellow sallies in the afternoon. Running shallow rigs looking for fish in the faster/cooler oxygenated water.

7-24-2014 Flows brought back to 2500CFS last couple days. Fishing is still awesome, especially in the upper section. You can catch the Trico hatch in the morning with some good dry fly activity especially if it is calm and or cloudy. The remainder of the day folks are fishing various ways.... Hopper/dropper, nymphing with red annelid, caddis, yellow sallies and pmds and streamer fishing with vanilla bugger or bite me buggers.

7-18-2014 Guide round table video report on Gray Reef, Miracle Mile, Fremont Canyon and Carp

7-12-14 Gray Reef Guide Round Table Fishing Report.....please ignore the date in the video this was done on 7-12-14

7-3-2014 Grey Reef Guide Round Table Fishing Report......Have a Happy 4th and we hope our latest video helps if your going to hit the North Platte River or Bighorn River. We will try harder to cover Fremont Canyon and Miracle Mile in the future videos. I will say the Golden Stones are starting on the Mile if your headed there.

6-29-14 Grey Reef has stabilized at 2500cfs and the extra flows really brought the water temps back down. Hot flies right now are red rock worm, pmd's caddis, yellow sallies and leeches. Clarity is good from Gray Reef Dam down to Government Bridge.

6-26-2014 Guide Round Table Fishing Report Video

6-23-2014 Flows now up to 1700 cfs and rising.....time to go back to longer leaders. Red and purple rock worms, with pmd's, caddis and yellow sallies. Leeches also still working.


6-19-14 Guide round table video fishing report



6/12/2014 Round Table Guide Video Gray Reef Fishing Report



6/5/2014 Video Gray Reef Report

6-4-14 Flows jumped 100 cfs to 600cfs so the beginning of higher flows may be coming. Good news as I fished below Government Bridge last couple of days and the water is getting warm fast. Otherwise fishing is good to excellent, but may be off a little each day they raise the flows. Check back for this weeks video report Thursday night.

A New Video Guide Round Table Fishing Report Service

5-27-14 Upper section of Gray Reef now almost back to normal clarity for this time of year. The rest is still blown out and will take a week or so to recover so long as it stays dry.


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