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The Fremont Canyon Fishing Report provided below is a free service provide by our shop guides and customers. The reports will be updated as often as necessary and we will always change the report if any sudden changes should occur. However please understand that sudden storms can often change conditions overnite before we can change the report. We welcome any Fremont Canyon fishing reports that you would like to provide. 

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Date Winter Conditions - No Reports Unitl Spring  
Flows 75 CFS
Clarity Clear
Fishing Conditions Good
Flies Midges, Rock Worms, Scuds, Hot Head Leeches, Red san juan worms and rusty scuds. Dead drifting streamers around the pockets.


Last Update til Spring - Winter flies Midges, Rock Worms, Annelids, Scuds, Glo Bugs, Leeches - Have a great winter!

8-9-16 Flows back to normal at 75 cfs

5-24-16 Pathfinder Dam now spilling over but clarity and fishing still good at Fremont.

5-17-16 Flows being kicked up in Freemont now at 500cfs

5-11-16 Fishing has been good to excellent in Fremont Canyon. Leeches, red annelids and midges working the best. Please be mindfull of the spawning fish and let them do their thing.

3-11-16 Fremont has been fishing well and is clear. Some folks picking up some nice browns in the canyon areas using Vanilla Buggers

11-4-15 Last commets for Fremont until spring. Fishing should remain great throughout the winter months using midges, scuds, annelids, and leeches. Streamers will remain effective until water temps drop down into the 40's. Thanks to all of you that stopped by our shop this summer.

10-19-15 Fremont is clearing up from the lake turning over and should be back to prime winter midge fishing in the next couple of weeks.

9-27-15 Fremont clarity is a little off but fish can still be caught with caddis, bwo, leeches, and streamers.

8-28-15 Fremont has really fished well all summer. Currently Tricos and Caddis are the best patterns with some dry fly action early morning, evenings and on cloudy days.

7-7-2015 Fremont still remains consistant however watch for clarity to get worse the remainder of the summer. Typically as the algae bloom kicks up in Pathfinder.

6-22-15 Fremont remains good to excellent

5-28-15 Fremont has recieved a lot of pressure due to the dirty condition below Gray Reef, but fishing remains good to excellent with midges and blue wing olive patterns. Some reports of good streamer action in and around the rocks and structure.

4-23-15 Looks like flows have bumped up to 200 cfs so fishing should improve with the higher water.

4-5-15 Fremont continues to fish good to excellent. 

3-19-15 Spring fishing in Fremont Canyon starting to pick up. Using midges, red annelids, scuds and swinging streamers through the pockets producing some nice fish. 


NOAA provides river flow data and forecasts

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