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Item #: Temple Fork Outfitters Deer Creek Switch
Our Price: $409.00


TFO Deer Creek Switch Rods, Temple Fork Outfitters

TFO Deer Creek Switch Rods Two handed rod designers Mike Kinney and Bob Meiser continue to expand the TFO Deer Creek series of fly rods with the introduction of the Deer Creek Switch Rod Series.

Bob Meiser has been in the forefront of popularizing and refining blank designs for the Switch Rod concept of fly rods since the mid 1990s. His expertise with this unique family of rods is well established within the two handed rod community. Bob’s original concept has been universally accepted over the past decade and teaming with Mike Kinney in design and application for these rods has now taken the concept to the next higher level. We have used our proprietary Axiom material lay-up process for these blanks. These are extremely light weight, durable, thoughtfully designed fly rods with superb performance … Best defined simply as: “Totally efficient delivery tools.”

What is a Switch Rod?
“Switch Rods” are multi-task fly rods specifically designed to allow a variety of both single and two handed caster options. The primary goal of the Switch Rod is to allow the caster the ability to achieve maximum targeted forward distance with the least amount of expended energy.

ModelLineLengthPiecesWeight (OZ)Grain Weight
TF 04 110 4 DC SWITCH 4 Wt. 11'-0" 4 6.5 200-400 grains
TF 05 110 4 DC SWITCH 5 Wt. 11'-0" 4 6.55 250-450 grains
TF 06 110 4 DC SWITCH 6 Wt. 11'-0" 4 6.65 300-500 grains
TF 07 110 4 DC SWITCH 7 Wt. 11'-0" 4 7.0 350-550 grains
TF 08 110 4 DC SWITCH 8 Wt. 11'-0" 4 7.25 400-600 grains
TF 09 110 4 DC SWITCH 9 Wt. 11'-0" 4 7.6 500-700 grains
Mike Kinney Deer Creek Switch Line Suggestions
Remarks from Mike
Line recommendation
4 Wt.
Trout and single hand spey.
Scandi: Rio AFS 4/5
Skagit: SA ST-5 <> Tips to +-85 grains
Short Belly Spey: CND 4/5
Two Hand Overhead: Rio OutBound 7/8
5 Wt.
Trout, small steelhead and salmon.  Single hand spey.
Scandi: Rio AFS 5/6
Skagit: Rio 350 or SA ST-6 or ST-7 <> Tips to +-100 grains
Short Belly Spey: 5/6 CND
Two Hand Overhead: Rio OutBound 8/9
6 Wt.
Large trout, salmon and steelhead.  Spey and overhead.
Scandi: Rio AFS 6/7
Skagit: Airflo Skagit Compact 420 <> Tips to +-115 grains
Short Belly Spey: Delta 6/7
Two Hand Overhead: Rio OutBound 10
7 Wt.
Large trout, salmon and steelhead.  Spey and overhead.
Scandi: Rio AFS 7/8
Skagit: Airflo Skagit Compact 450/480 <> Tips to +-130 grains
Short belly Spey: Delta 6/7
Two Hand Overhead: Rio OutBound 11
8 Wt.
Steelhead and salmon.  Small saltwater species.  Spey and overhead.
Scandi: Rio AFS 8/9
Skagit: Airflo Skagit Compact 510/540 <> Tips to +- 145 grains
Short Belly Spey: Delta 7/8
Two Hand Overhead: Rio OutBound 12
9 Wt.
Large salmon and saltwater.  Spey and overhead.
Scandi: Rio AFS 9/10
Skagit: Airflo Compact Skagit 570/600
Short Belly Spey: Delta 8/9
Two Hand Overhead: Rio OutBound 13


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by Boris K.
on 8/31/2013
extremely capable and fun rod for a great price
On a trip to Casper, Wyoming to fish the North Platte for those large and eager trout, I was devastated to find out my beloved Winston and Sage fly rods did not end up at the same airport! I visited the Platte River Fly shop and Mark suggested a TFO Deer Creek 5 wt. switch rod. I thought it would take time to learn the rod, but loaded with a Rio switch line it was almost immediately natural to use both overhead and with switch casts. The rod was an absolute blast on that trip, saving the trip and landing many great fish. The action made it easy for a mediocre caster like me to get great distance and control. Mending was amazing, allowing me much longer drifts than I had ever achieved, and consequently more fish! As my casting improved over the years, I have gotten more and more performance from this outstanding rod. I have since used it for smallmouth bass in the Midwest, small steelhead in Lake Erie tribs, of course large Western trout and even a catfish or two.. a GREAT rod.
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