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Simms Prodry Glove Closeout Sale
$99.95 Price: $79.95
Simms' new for 2014 Prodry Glove is fully waterproof and breathable. The Simms Prodry Glove has a convenient removable inner fleece liner with half fingers.
Simms Solarflex Long Sleeve Crewneck Print
(1 review)
$59.95 Price: $39.00
Shop Simms new Solarflex Long Sleeve Crewneck Print with free shipping including Simms reviews on Solarflex Long Sleeve Crewneck Print.
Simms Solarflex Guide Gloves Closeout Sale
(3 reviews)
$49.95 Price: $34.00
The Simms Solarflex Guide Gloves give your hands hope against harmful UV rays with Simms guide-approved gloves. Solarflex Guide Gloves feature plush UPF50 stretch fabric on the back of the hand, full-coverage cuffs, and water-resistant goat leather palms. Added material bolsters protection in the index and middle fingers, while pairing snaps ensure your gloves stay connected when not in use.
Simms Solarflex Sun Gloves Closeout Sale
$29.95 Price: $20.00
The Simms Solarflex Sun Gloves features improved overall coverage and fit, while a synthetic overlay on the index finger increases stripping durability. Tie knots with ease thanks to the agility-enhanced half-finger design and bolster sun protection via extended coverage on middle and index fingers. When it's time for your hands to go naked, pairing snaps keep your gloves connected.
Simms Transit Fishing Slide Closeout Sale
$49.95 Price: $24.00
The Simms Transit Slide is a versatile slide-sandal appropriate before, during and after fishing.
Simms Westshore Fishing Shoe Closeout Sale
(1 review)
$89.95 Price: $52.00
The Simms Westshore Shoe are fly-fishing shoes by Simms that are designed to provide fly-fisherman with all day comfort and support and are powered by right angle footbed technology. This fishing shoe is designed with washed canvas and have a scratch rubber upper as well as a duel-density EVA midsole to provide fly-fisherman with a shoe that has greater shock absorption.
Simms Westshore Slip On Fishing Shoe Closeout Sale
$79.95 Price: $49.00
The Simms Westshore Slip On Shoe is a slip on shoe by Simms that contains a very innovative design and is the perfect comfortable fishing shoe for extreme all day relaxation and comfort that is powered by right angle footbed technology. These Simms slip on shoes are designed with washed canvas and scratch rubber upper with a duel-density EVA midsole for added sock absorption.
Simms Women's Currents Shoe Closeout Sale
$99.95 Price: $49.00
The Simms Women's Currents Shoe is a fly-fishing women's shoe that is designed for women anglers to provide all day breathability, comfort and support and is powered by right angle footbed technology. These women's shoes are designed with seamless TPU welded and quick-dry mesh upper that resists water retention.
G. Loomis Max GLX Fly Rods
G.Loomis Max GLX Fly Rods
$670.00 Price: $469.00
G.Loomis Max GLX fly rods are the result of the need for speed under the most demanding casting conditions. The G.Loomis Max GLX FLy Rod is ideally suited to casters that demand fast cycle time.
G.Loomis Whispercreek GLX Fly Rod Closeout Sale
G.Loomis Whispercreek GLX Fly Rod
$625.00 Price: $430.00
G Loomis Whispercreek GLX Fly Rods featuring the finest diameter tips in the business, they'll track by intuition. The G.Loomis Whispercreek GLX Fly Rods are specifically designed to load up close for accurate shorter casts.
Simms Prodry Glove + Liner
Price: $119.95
Simms' new for 2018 Prodry Glove plus Liner is fully waterproof and insulating. The Simms Prodry Glove and included merino wool liner includes a heat pack pouch if extra heat is required.
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