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Item #: 11096
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Simms Waypoint LS Crewneck comes COR3 equipped with sun-curbing, moisture-dumping, and odor-controlling fabric tech. Agile architecture stems from raglan sleeves and flat seam construction that boost mobility and comfort, while the crewneck design features a high-backed collar for additional sun management skills. Traditional fit tailored for all-inclusive appeal comes standard.

FEATURES & BENEFITS: COR3 fabric technology, wicking, anti odor & UPF30  

Flat seam construction for maximum comfort  

Raglan sleeve design for unrestricted movement  

Crewneck design with higher backed collar for additional sun protection

FABRIC TECH: 100% Polyester with COR3 technology


STYLE FIT: Traditional Fit 


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Although the term waypoint has only entered common use in recent years, the equivalent of a waypoint in all but name has existed for as long as human beings have navigated. Waypoints have traditionally been associated with distinctive features of the real world, such as rock formations, springs, oases, mountains, buildings, roadways, waterways, railways, and so on. Today, these associations persist, but waypoints are more often associated with physical artifacts created specifically for navigation, such as radio beacons, buoys, satellites, control points, etc.

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by Arkadiy
on 4/17/2017
Love it!
Waypoints Crewneck is one of the few things from the Simms product that I do not use when fishing. I use it in everyday life. Very comfortable shirt that i enjoy wearing for summer days. I have two things of different colors and I use them alternately. Perhaps this shirt is used by someone on fishing, but I do not. It's too good for that! Love this shirt!
by Steph
on 12/4/2016
I purchased this shirt for my son; an avid fisherman, and wearer of anything made by Simms. The shirt is comfortable, made well, and holds up in any type of weather. Also, works well as a base layer. Now on to The North Platte River Fly Shop: this is my second Simms purchase from them, and I am very impressed with company. In both instances, I was unable to locate Simms products, and they came through for me. Speaking with them by 'phone, I found them to be both pleasant and very knowledgeable regarding the products they sell- especially Simms products. FIVE OF THE BRIGHEST STAR RATING FOR THE NORTH PLATTE RIVER FLY SHOP.
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