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Simms RiverTek 2 Boa Felt Sole Fly-Fishing Boot

The Simms RiverTek 2 Boa Felt Sole Fly-Fishing Boot is a high quality Simms felt sole fly-fishing boot that is made with waterproof synthetic leather with a molded TPU and scratch rubber upper and is designed on the StreamTread platform with a felt outsole that is very comfortable to wear and should be your next fly-fishing boot.

The Simms RiverTek 2 Boa Felt Sole Fly-Fishing Boot is constructed with Felt soles that provide many advantages like great traction to the felt sole sticks much better to different types of stream bedrock conditions and provides better mobility which is awesome.

The Simms RiverTek 2 Boa Felt Sole Fly-Fishing Boot are partially-lined with neoprene for added warmth, cushioning and easy on and off abilities and also features molded TPU skid plates that is found in the high-wear areas for improved durability and protection, so make sure to check out this Simms RiverTek 2 Boa Felt Sole Fly-Fishing Boot.


Benefits of Felt Sole Wading Boots:

Traction - Felt Sole Wading Boots are well known for their ability to stick better to varying type of river/stream bedrock conditions. Therefore, with Felt Sole Wading Boots you will be less likely to slip or fall while wading and fly-fishing.

Mobility - With felt soles you will be able to move about much more easily when wading because felt soles have great traction.

Recovery - If for some reason you do happen to trip or fall when wading, the felt sole wading boots will help you to recover much more easily, which is obviously a huge plus when considering which type of wading boot to use.

Piece of Mind - Because felt sole boots have great traction, mobility and help you to recover when you trip or fall, you can breathe easy and focus on fly-fishing and catching that trophy fish at your favorite stream or river.

Simme Rivertek 2 Boa Felt-Sole Wading Boot Size Chart:

Simms Wading
Boot Size
5** 4 37 3 22
6** 5 38 4 23
7 6 39 5 24
8 7 40 6 25
9 8 41 7 26
10 9 42 8 27
11 10 43 9 28
12 11 44 10 29
13 12 45 11 30
14 13 46 12 31
15** 14 47 13 32
16** 15 48 14 33

Not all styles available in all sizes; please see individual boot for size specifics
** Freestone Boot - Streamtread only

The Pros and Cons Of Simms Felt Soles

Simms felt soles have been in the fly fishing industry for a long time and it seems they may eventually be banned by many states. While felt grabs rocky bottomed rivers, it does a serviceable job of gripping dry rocks on the bank also. Slipping when wading is always on the minds of anglers and this why felt soled boots are generally considered to be a good choice for wading freestone streams with rocks and gravel. But on the down side, it has been studied that felt may unintentionally transfer invasive species from one watershed to another by hitching a ride within the felt. And, felt offers no real advantage on salt water flats, muddy or soft bottomed streams or lakes and it also is slippery on grass or steep slopes. For winter anglers, felt is often a poor choice as snow will stick to wet felt like glue and fly fishermen soon find themselves walking on clumps of packed snow stuck to their boot soles.

About Simms Boa Laces

Gary Hammerslag's initial inspiration for the company was the creation of laces for footwear that would stay tied and not come undone during physical activity. In 2001 the first boot-systems featuring the Boa laces were produced by Vans and K2's snowboard divisions. In 2002 DC implemented the laces into its boot-systems for snowboard boots as well. By 2004 the company moved into the cycling industry, and next into the golf industry in 2005. The lace closure systems were also integrated into other products, including trail running shoes and more general outdoor footwear. This included winter boots, hiking boots, hunting boots, and work boots. Boa has also been used by endorsed athletes in both the Olympic Games and the X-Games. In 2011 Simms Boa Technology changed the name of its patented closure system from the "Simms Boa Lacing System" to the "Simms Boa Closure System", in reaction to the use of Boa Technology on non-footwear items such as helmets, motorcycle gloves, hydration packs, medical braces, and other apparel. By 2012 Boa Technology was used in one third of all the snowboard boots produced globally, and more than 70 riders in the Tour de France used the Boa Closure System.


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by michael
on 10/26/2017
Great boat
This boot has great traction!!! The boa system keeps my boots tightp all day. Most comfortable wading boots I’ve worn. I would highly recommend this. Boot
by Jake
on 10/24/2017
Fast and Easy with no mess from muddy wet laces.
by Chas Martel
on 5/2/2016
Free of Laces at Last
I really like the Boa lace system. First there is the extra convenience of ease of loosening and tightening them. But even better is losing the wet soggy laces. This is a major advancement in wading boot technology. The boots are also excellent. They are easy to get into and out of, even when dry. This boot offers plenty of ankle support and foot protection on the stream. Platte River Fly Shop's service was also second to none.
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