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Simms Fly Fishing Jackets

Simms fly fishing guide rain jackets, including windstopper, Challenger, Fall Run, Slick, Guide G3, G4 Pro, SlickProDry, Guide and outerwear is designed to keep you dry, comfortable. Simms fly fishing guide jackets are great for making casting easier whether it's raining, the wind's blowing or the snow's starting to fall. Featuring advanced technologies and incredibly functional design, this is essential gear that can truly help you fish longer and more effectively with these Simms fly fishing wading jackets. You can now also find Simms ProDry Jacket and Bib being worn by those particpating in the BassMaster Classic.

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Simms Contender Bib
Price: $299.95
Simms Contender Bib in combination with the Simms Contender Jacket make a storm fighting duo whether your on the high seas or running down the North Platte River in a drift boat.
Simms Vapor Elite Pant
Price: $349.95
The Simms Vapor Elite Pant is a fishing pant by Simms that features 3-layer GORE-TEX Pro Shell fabric that is waterproof and breathable and one of the absolute best fabrics for fishing pants on the market today. This fishing pant is also constructed with 100 percent nylon 20d rip-stop face fabric that is extremely durable. These Simms fishing pants are very durable, lightweight and packable and are specifically designed to be put on with ease.
Simms Vapor Elite Jacket
Price: $449.95
The Simms Vapor Elite Jacket is a fishing jacket by Simms that features 3-layer GORE-TEX C-KIT that is 15 percent lighter weight and 10 percent more breathable than other GORE-TEX shell laminates. This fishing jacket is also constructed with 100 percent nylon 15d face fabric that is lightweight and durable.
Simms DownStream Jacket
Price: $349.95
Simms DownStream Jacket is a great new puffy down blend hooded coat that will keep you warm in the coldest temps.  The Downstream Jacket is what you want for very cold weather fishing.  The down in this hoody is waterproof to keep you warm even if wet.
Simms DownStream Sweater
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Price: $249.95
The Simms DownStream Sweater is the ultimate in down fishing coats.  The DOWNstream jacket is filled with a blend of waterproof down and synthetic insulation.  The face fabric is burly with a water repellent finish.
Simms Challenger Bib
Price: $199.95
The Simms Challenger Bib completes the ensemble when pared with the Challenger Jacket to provide a full waterproof and breathable boat suit.  The Challenger Bib is complete with hand warmer pockets and thigh pocket.
Simms Rogue Fleece Jacket
Price: $89.95
The Simms Rogue Fleece Jacket is a great all around soft shell water resistant jacket.  The Rogue Fleece Jacket by Simms is at home on the water or downtown Bozeman.
Simms Waypoints Jacket
Price: $119.95
The new Simms Waypoints Jacket has the same material as the Hyalite Jacket but stripped down to be a barebones wet weather jacket.  The Waypoints Simms fishing shell stuffs into it's pocket.
Simms Rogue Fleece Vest
Price: $69.95
The new Simms Rogue Fleece Vest is wind and water resisttant and will keep your core warm on cool fall days stripping streamers.  The fly box compatible chest pocket is a major plus.
Simms Waypoints Pant
Price: $99.95
The new Simms Waypoints Pants is 100% waterproof and breathable.  The Waypoints Simms fishing rain pant stuffs into it's pocket, has an elastic waistband, and zippered hand pockets.
Simms Contender Insulated Jacket
Price: $499.95
Simms new Insulated contender is in the ring. The Contender Insulated Jacket and bib combo are made to fight the meanist storm you can find.
Simms Contender Insulated Bib
Price: $449.95
Simms Contender Insulated Bib in combination with the Simms Contender Insulated Jacket make a storm fighting duo whether you're on the high seas or running down the North Platte River in a drift boat.
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