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Scott G2 Fly Rod

The new Scott G2 fly rod is ready and able for the most technical trout fishing you can throw at it. If you get a thrill stalking big wary trout with tiny flies and light tippets, you've just found the perfect fishing tool for the job. The Scott G2 fly rods turn over the longest, lightest leaders with ease, and let you control drifts in the trickiest currents. They generate the perfect combination of line speed and loop control, and are pinpoint accurate. When you get just one chance to present a fly to a fish, make it count. The G2, Scott's new Ultimate Fly Rod.


Why Natural Finish?

Natural finish blanks let us precisely control the amount of fiber and resin in each blank. They are the purest expression of rod design, and let us create a rod with great touch, durability and feel.

Light and sensitive with great feel, the smallest member of the Scott G2 Fly Rod series is the rod to reach for if you're fishing for native trout with dry flies in small streams. This rod loads with a short line and flexes deeply during fights with smaller fish.

If you stalk big, wary trout with tiny flies, long leaders, and light tippet, look no further for the perfect fishing tool.

G2 rods inspire confidence and fierce loyalty. It comes from knowing exactly where your fly is going to land and from knowing that when you hook that big selective fish on fine tippet, your rod is going to perform to land it.

The G2 combines compound progressive taper designs, multi-modulus lay ups, and thin-walled, natural finish blanks, fit with the finest componentry and craftsmanship. 

What does that mean? It means that the last few minutes spent on your hands and knees crawling into position below a big riser won’t leave you wondering if 7X tippet is a cruel joke.

The G2, Scott’s ultimate presentation tool. 

model   line   length 
G2 772/4        2                 7' 7"  
G2 773/4        3                 7' 7"  
G2 774/4        4                 7' 7"  
G2 842/4        2                 8' 4"  
G2 843/4        3                 8' 4"  
G2 844/4        4                 8' 4"  
G2 845/4        5                 8' 4"  
G2 883/4        3                 8' 8"  
G2 884/4        4                 8' 8"  
G2 885/4        5                 8' 8"  
G2 904/4        4                 9' 0"  
G2 905/4        5                 9' 0"  
G2 906/4        6                 9' 0"   

Scott G2 Fly Rod


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by Matt
on 5/6/2015
The BEST Dry Fly Rod
I have now had this rod for a couple months and have fished it 30 or so times. When fishing dry flies or light nymphing, there is no better rod I have ever cast. The accuracy within 30 feet is spot on and the G2 turns over light tippets with ease. This is without a doubt my favorite fly rod for almost all trout fishing scenarios. It doesn't have the power to huck size 8 streamers but it isn't designed for that. I have the 8'8" 4 wt
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