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Patagonia Guidewater II Duffel - Large Closeout Sale
$299.00 Price: $239.00
Patagonia Guidewater II Duffel has a floating divider that separates the wet from the dry. The Patagonia Guidewater II Duffel is ideal for transporting waders, clothes, footwear, wetsuits and gear to or from the water.
Patagonia Black Hole Duffel 90L Gear Bag Closeout Sale
$149.00 Price: $94.00
If you've got a lot of stuff to take with you or a lot of gear to carry around, the Patagonia Black Hold Duffel 90L is what you want. This 90L duffel bag can hold a weeks worth of clothes or all your guide gear (well, most of it if you're a complete gear head). The Black Hole Duffel protects your belongings from inclement weather or rough handling. To top it all off, this Patagonia duffel bag has external daisy chains so you can strap even more gear on!
Patagonia Black Hole Cube - Large Gear Bag Closeout Sale
$49.00 Price: $33.00
Patagonia Black Hole Cube - Large 10L has a water repellent finish and has plenty of storage inside to hold a days worth of essentials.  The large Black Hole Cube has two separate zippered pockets inside to keep your gear organized.