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Outcast Fly Fishing Rafts - inflatable pac series rafts are designed, water tested and refined by expert boaters. We test our rafts in the most demanding whitewater in the world and in a diversity of lakes, oceans and bays. We keep testing and tweaking until we get it right! All Outcast Sporting Gear and Fish Cat products are designed, manufactured and assembled by skilled craftsmen and are inspected at every stage of production. WE DO NOT SHIP TO INTERNATIONAL ADDRESSES FOR OUTCAST FLY FISHING RAFTS.

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outcast pac 1300 raft
Outcast Pac 1300 Raft
Price: $5,399.00
Outcast Pac 1300 Raft - A fishing raft roomy enough for 3 yet small enough to maneuver through tight water. The Outcast Pac 1300 Raft is only 13' in length and drafts in 4" of water
outcast pac 1400 raft
outcast pac 1400
Price: $5,849.00
Outcast PAC 1400 Raft is the most stable and versatile fishing platform available. The Outcast PAC 1400 Raft easily accommodates 3 anglers and enough gear for a lightweight overnight trip.
Outcast OSG Commander Raft (Dbl Action Pump Included)
Outcast OSG Commander Raft (Dbl Action P
Price: $999.00
Outcast OSG Commander Raft is lightweight and ideal for hard to access put-ins and adventure travel. The Outcast OSG Commander Raft design includes the best features of a kayak and a rowboat.
Outcast Fish Cat Scout (Dbl Action Pump Included)
Outcast Fish Cat Scout (Dbl Action Pump
Price: $649.00
Outcast Fish Cat Scout is easy to carry and perfect for accessing new fishing waters. The Outcast Fish Cat Scout design includes the best features of a float tube and a pontoon boat.
Outcast Stealth Pro (Dbl Action Pump Included)
Outcast Stealth Pro
Price: $999.00
Outcast Stealth Pro features rocketed tubes for bigger water. The Outcast Stealth Pro incorporates the new IGS gear system.
Outcast River Couch
Price: $549.00
Outcast River Couch will make you the envy of all your friends. The Outcast River Couch lets you kick back and relax while floating down the river.


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Outcast Fish Cat Scout (Dbl Action Pump Included)
Outcast Fish Cat Scout (Dbl Action Pump
Price: $649.00