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Fly tying lights including Peak, Mckenzie and more. These fly tying lights are not only great for traveling but will help brighten up your home desk.
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Peak Fly Tying Light
Peak Fly Tying Light
Price: $139.95
Peak Fly Tying Light Includes High Performance LED Mounted on a 20" Flexible Neck. The Peak Fly Tying Light comes with a Lightweight Mounting Bracket with Integral Tool Holder, Mounts to Any 3/8" Diameter Shaft.
Daylight Slimline LED Table Lamp
(1 review)
Price: $180.00
Daylight Slimline Table Lamp will quickly become the most valued tool in your workspace. The Daylight Slimline Table Lamp is energy efficient and provides “full spectrum” light for perfect colour matching.
Daylight Natural Light Magnifying Lamp XL
Price: $185.00
Daylight Natural Light Magnifying Lamp clamps to your tying table and easily swings out of the way when not in use. The Daylight Natural Light Magnifying Lamp creates a convenient tool with an unbeatable viewing area when compared to any other.
Daylight Freedom Lamp
Price: $150.00
Daylight Freedom Lamp can be used anytime anywhere for up to 6 hrs. The Daylight Freedom Lamp integrates a strong handle for easy transport.
Carson Magnifly
Carson Magnifly
Price: $55.00
Carson Magnifly is a lighted, fully-adjustable, flexible arm "hands-free" magnifier that attaches to your table top or work bench. The Carson Magnifly can also be clamped to most fly-tying vises for convenient hands-free use.


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Peak Fly Tying Light
Peak Fly Tying Light
Price: $139.95