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Fly Fishing Nets by Fisknat Lightweight Rubber Net,  and Fishpond with light weight rubber bags. Laminated Wooden Nets. Fishpond lightweight fibor carbon fly fishing landing nets. All Fisknat and Fishpong fly fishing nets come with free shipping.


Fly Fishing Nets

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Fisknat Fly Fishing Nets, Methow, Stream, San Juan, Lightweight Rubber Bags
Fisknat Nets, fly fishing specializing in handmade wood landing nets with rubber bags. Fisknat nets for fly fishing was recently picked editors top choice in Fly Fish America. The Platte River Fly Shop guide staff believes these are the best rubber bagged nets on the market today. Easy on the fish and no fly tangles!
Fishpond Fly Fishing Nets


Top Sellers

Fishpond Nomad Replacement Rubber Net
Fishpond Nomad Replacement Rubber Net
Price: $15.95
Fisknat Nets: Methow Fly Fishing Net with Lightweight Rubber Bag
Fisknat Methow Net With Rubber Net
Price: $94.95
fisknat steelhead pontoon net, rubber bag
Fisknat Steelhead Pontoon Net
Price: $129.95