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Experienced fly fishermen can detect subtle variances in fly lines by experiencing its tactile qualities. What our hands have been telling us recently is Cortland's lines are the real deal.
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Cortland Fly Line 444 Classic
Cortland's 444 Classic freshwater fly lines have graced the reels of fly fishermen the world over for decades. The qualities that have made the 444 so popular all these years have endured and it remains a top choice of fish stalkers everywhere.
Cortland Saltwater Fly Lines
Every saltwater situation is fully addressed within the Cortland arsenal from the liquid crystal to the precision tropic plus series.


Top Sellers

Cortland 444 Classic 4 weight Fly Line
Cortland 444 Classic Fly Line
Price: $59.00
Cortland Tropic Plus 15' Ghost Tip Fly Line
Cortland Tropic Plus 15' Ghost Tip Fly L
Price: $79.00